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Control Flash Sounds With JavaScript: SoundManager

SoundManager is a Javascript Sound API which  effectively maps most of the native sound capabilities of Flash 8 to Javascript. It enables you to control sound in a cross-browser/platform environment, using a language you already know. A sample SoundManager code would be: ...


Virtual Keyboard Script For Secure Inputs

Virtual keyboard interfaces are generally used in websites where the highest level of security is a must like online banking applications. Virtual keyboards help us to prevent any keylogging activies and/or provide users a special keyboard which they don't already have (like a keyboard of another language). This ...


htmlSQL: Query HTML Elements Like SQL

htmlSQL is a PHP class for querying HTML using a SQL-like query. It saves you from writing complex regular expressions to extract values. htmlSQL example: This query returns an array with all links that contain the attribute class="list". Isn't it great? How to use? You simply insert ...


Image Crop UI With Prototype

Online image cropping is a widely used feature in web applications. Prototype JavaScript Image Cropper UI is an unobtrusive script based on Prototype and It allows you to select any area in an image and gives the x, y, x1, y1, width and height values which are enough for a succesful image cropping. ...


Interactive Data-Rich Web Pages With Exhibit

Exhibit is a three-tier web application framework written in Javascript which makes it easier to show a few hundred records of data on maps, timelines, scatter plots, interactive tables, etc., without any programming knowledge. In order to use Exhibit, writing a simple data file, and an HTML file that specifies how ...


SilverStripe: Powerful And Free Content Management System

SilverStripe is a powerful content management system which runs on Sapphire framework (object oriented framework like Ruby on Rails or Django). The framework lets you rapidly code up the "objects" your project uses (e.g. staff members, products, customers, along with their relationships). You then add a few ...


Auto CSS Grid Builder – A YUI Tool

CSS Grid Builder is a web tool which can create standards-compliant grid layouts with a few clicks. Outputs are generated with the powerful Yahoo! UI Library: Grids CSS which offers pre-built templates & page layout combinations. YUI Grids CSS: Supports fluid-width (100%) layouts as well as preset ...