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JavaScript-Powered Code Editor – Ace

Ace is an open source, standalone and web-based code editor that focuses on providing a similar or better experience with desktop-based ones. It is actually developed for the well-known Cloud9 IDE and can be integrated into any web page easily. The editor's syntax highlighting works with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ...


JSColor – A Flexible JavaScript Color Picker

JSColor is a simple and very easy-to-implement JavaScript library that transforms any given input into a color picker. The picker is a hidden layer, doesn't use any pop-ups and can be positioned on any side of the input field. It has 2 modes; HSV (hue saturation, value) or HVS, can be set to display a default ...


PHP Library For Creating & Validating Forms – Zebra_Form

Building good-looking HTML forms which work well in every browser and applying client+server-side validation usually takes a serious development time. Zebra_Form, a free PHP library, handles this process very well and enables us to create secure and chic forms with a few lines of PHP code. The output can be ...


PHPDevShell: Instant Back-End For PHP Apps.

When creating a web application, if no CMS is used, creating a back-end for managing the system is usually required. PHPDevShell is a modular, plugin-based "code management system and framework" that offers a ready-to-use administration interface which can be extended with your own codes. It provides ...


A PHP SVG Graph Library – SVGGraph

SVGGraph is an object-oriented PHP library for creating simple and interactive charts with SVG. There are multiple chart types supported like (3D) bar, line, (3D) pie and scatter where every chart has its own PHP class in a seperate file. So, you can use only the features you need. Charts can be customized in many ...


A JavaScript Framework For Publishing Maps – CartoView

CartoView is an open source and free JavaScript framework for creating online maps quickly. It is integrated with Google Maps, Google Earth + OpenLayers and enables you to take control of the maps in means of function and presentation. With the help of its modular architecture, the functionality can be improved ...


Debug & Trace PHP Applications – debugConsole

debugConsole is a tool for easily debugging and tracing PHP5 applications both on production and development servers without effecting the live-traffic. Normally, PHP functions enable us to inspect variables, watch changes in them, set checkpoints and write logfiles. Additionally, debugConsole replaces the PHP ...


Powerful jQuery Event Calendar: wdCalendar

wdCalendar is a jQuery plugin that enables us to create an event calendar that functions similar to the popular Google Calendar. With a drag'n drop interface and feature-rich API, it is possible to create, update or delete events easily. It has custom views for day, week or month where you can easily go to a ...