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Many Clouds, One API: Deltacloud

Deltacloud is a Ruby gem which removes the differences between APIs of various cloud service providers and offers a single API that can communicate with them. It is a simple and easy-to-use REST API which already supports Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Rackspace, OpenNebula, RimuHosting and more. There is also an open source ...


Open Source Web File Manager: KCFinder

KCFinder is an open source and web-based file manager, built with PHP, that is inspired from the popular CKFinder. It has a completely Ajaxed interface and can be integrated easily with other applications like FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG web editors (or anything custom). The file manager has a context ...


Lightweight Flash Video Player – f4Player

f4Player is a free and open source Flash video player that can play .fly, .f4v or .mp4 files in websites or within AS3 projects. It is lightweight (8kb) and has a skinnable interface (few skins are included with the download). The player supports progressive downloads (ability to play the downloaded portion of a ...


Create Instant Site Tours: Amberjack v2

Creating a FAQ page or knowledgebase is one of the musts for a web application. However, sometimes, this is not enough and users may require for more details. In such situations "site tours" or even "page tours" become very handy as users can learn any details about the application visually. ...


Free JSF Library For Dynamic UIs: OpenFaces

OpenFaces is an open-source JSF library that consists of an Ajax framework, a client-side validation framework & a set of AJAX-powered JSF components. There are 20+ components including charts, calendar, data table, popup layer, tabbed pane & more. The OpenFaces validation ...


JPEGCam: Capture Images From A Webcam & Submit To Any Server

JPEGCam is an open source Flash + JavaScript library that enables you to insert a custom-sized Flash movie in a webpage that captures Webcam snapshots. After capturing the snapshots, it can submit them to any server in JPEG format (download package includes sample PHP 5 code). The webcam is activated with the ...


Krumo: A Better print_r() & var_dump() For PHP Developers

Many PHP developers use print_r() & var_dump() for debugging which output hard to read/unformatted results. Krumo is a replacement for these functions which can display structured information about any PHP variable. Once Krumo is ran, the output is displayed in a collapsible DHTML tree built around ...


iPhone-Optimized Image Gallery: Jaipho & Pipho

There are beautiful free image gallery applications (check Galleries category) around but it is hard to find ones that are compatible with iPhones. Jaipho is a free JavaScript image gallery application that is optimized for iPhone. It works very similar to the "Photos" application & can display ...


Ajaxed MySQL Table Editor

Mysql Ajax Table Editor is an open source web application for easily editing MySQL tables & creating admin pages almost instantly. Besides the standard "add, edit, copy, delete, view" functionality, records can be paged, searched & exported to CSV. It is possible to JOIN multiple tables to ...