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1300+ Free And Quality PNG Icons

Crystal Clear is a high quality & free icon set. This icon set includes nearly every icon an application may need as it contains 1300+ icons. Set comes with sizes: 16*16, 22*22, 24*24, 32*32, 48*48, 64*64 and 128*128 in PNG format.


TYPOlight: An Open Source PHP CMS

TYPOlight is one of the most attractive open source content management systems I have seen. Built with PHP5, TYPOlight uses MySQL for storing the data. Besides the powerful features, this CMS application is very well documented and has an active users community. As a feature spotlight, XHTML output, form generator ...


Attractive Calendar Application With Mootools

MooMonth, is a JavaScript calendar application built with Mootools which is highly configurable an customizable. With an attractive interface the calendar application has features like: Day, week, month, *year, and zoom views. Smooth view transitions. MooMonth has a powerful function set to be used ...


Smoot: Ajax Diagram And GIS Tool

Smoot is a tool, developed with xajax and Pear::DB for creating diagrams of icons and links between them. Features include Google Maps and Google Earth integration, configurable tool palettes, and automated palette generation from a Google local query. Smoot builds relations between objects with mouse clicks and ...


Smart Date Input Selection With Datetime Toolbocks

Datetime Toolbocks is a JavaScript library with advanced date parsing that generates date data from the text passed. A simple example would be "today", "next friday", or "last monday". This smart date parsing JavaScript library also has a DHTML based date selector which makes the library ...


HTML Filtering To Secure Websites With HTML Purifier

Secure input and data handling is hard when it comes to HTML because of many different types of malicious code (XSS). HTML Purifier is a well documented, standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. It simply: Removes all malicious code (better known as XSS) with an audited, secure yet permissive ...


Manage Files Over An Ajax Interface: CKFinder

CKFinder is a powerful ajax file manager. Its simple interface makes it intuitive and quick to learn for all kinds of users, from advanced professionals to Internet beginners. For the best integration, CKFinder offers ASP, ASP.Net, Coldfuson & PHP versions. Features: Folders tree navigation: intuitive ...


Mootools Star Rating With Rabid Ratings

Rabid Ratings is an excellent Mootools based star rating solution which comes with hearts instead of stars by default. Installing Rabid Ratings is very easy by simply telling the code the database username, password, host address and including a php tag in where we want the ratable item. Rating data is shown in ...