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Multiple Links Inside One: Pluralink

Pluralink is a tiny JavaScript library for displaying multiple links inside one link. Rather than mentioning all your links one-by-one, a major link will be displaying all the options when clicked. Usage is pretty simple: <a href="||" ...


Slider With Progress Bar: Presentation Cycle

Gaya Design is featuring a very nice tutorial (with source) on creating an image slider with a progress bar. The slider uses the powerful jQuery Cycle plugin (see WRD post) which can rotate images with various effects. The progress bar is created automatically to reflect the number of images that wi,ll ...


Flash Webcam Image Capture: Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a tiny open source Flash application that can capture images from a webcam. The script is built with AS3 + PHP5 and can be instantly implemented to any website. It can be a great add-on when asking users to upload an avatar or creating a web application around photos. To see how it works, ...


FireQuery: Firebug Enhancements For jQuery

FireQuery is a Firefox add-on that extends Firebug with new jQuery-focused features. It adds extra functions to the HTML tab like showing embedded data elements & event handlers inserted using jQuery. All the jQuery expressions are presented in Firebug Console + DOM inspector and elements in jQuery ...


A JS Library To Use Facebook Connect: Mu

Mu is a JavaScript library for enabling Facebook Connect on any website with ease. It makes accessing the following possible: Identity: the user's name, photo and more Social Graph: the user's friends and connections Distribution: the Stream, and the ability to communicate ...


Free E-mail Templates From sendcube

sendcube is presenting 10 free e-mail templates that can be used in the newsletters we send. All of them are styled with inline-CSS & tested to work in major e-mail clients like Outlook 2000+, Lotus Notes, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo & more. The templates (most of them) come in 3 versions: left-column, ...


Pretty Sliding Login Panel With MooTools/jQuery

Web-kreation is sharing a beautifully-crafted sliding login panel that is very handy to be used in websites with limited spaces. It has 2 versions: using MooTools using jQuery (improved version in means of design & functionality) The panel works by overlapping the content rather than pushing it ...


A Pretty Ajax Contact Form With jQuery & PHP

Tutorialzine is sharing a nice tutorial with source on creating a fancy Ajaxed contact form that is built with jQuery & PHP. The form is unobtrusive & has a server-side validation which makes it degrade gracefully when the JavaScript is turned off. It takes advantage of 2 jQuery plugins: ...


Ajaxed Drag’n Drop Shopping Cart With jQuery & PHP

Tutorialzine is sharing a beautiful tutorial (with source) on creating an Ajaxed drag'n drop shopping cart with jQuery & PHP. It uses MySQL for storing the data & simpleTip plugin for displaying information about the products with style. It takes advantage of the jQuery UI's draggable & droppable ...