Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation Is necessary In Today’s Business World 

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If you are the owner of an online business, you are no doubt aware of the fact that your basic reputation is in the hands, not only of your satisfied and loyal customers, but also in those of a thousand critics, commentators, and possible naysayers. Online hoaxes and slur campaigns are unfortunately much easier to spread and maintain, whilst simultaneously being harder to trace, than ever before. Because of this, companies like Reputation Defender and many others have come into existence. 

You Can’t Do Business Without a Fully Credible Online Reputation

The fact of the matter is that without a fully credible online (and offline) reputation you simply can’t do business. No one wants to give their credit card to a website that has been tagged as unreliable, or conduct a transaction with a company that millions of people have come to believe is less than true to their word. This is precisely why the concept of reputation management has come into play in the past few years. 

What Is Reputation Management, and How Is It Useful To You? 

If you are not aware of exactly what is meant by the term “reputation management”, nor how this concept should be of vital importance to you, consider this: For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. To switch from general to particular terms, for every negative article that is posted on the Internet concerning you or your company, you have the ability, the right, and the means to respond with four or five expressly positive or strategically neutral articles. If your enemies, declared or covert, have the right to slander you on the Web, you have the right to answer back. 

Reputation Management Is Won or Lost In the Arena of Search Results

The battle that you will wage for your reputation will either be won or lost in the arena of search results. This means that for every negative article that appears near the top of the search results page when someone Goggles your name or the name of your company, you will have to answer back by attempting to submerge that article near the bottom of the search results page by sending a barrage of positive articles to the top. This is how you win the battle for your online reputation – and it is a battle that must be fought every day if you are to ultimately win it.

If You’re Inundated With Negativity, You’ve Got to Drown It Out

As mentioned above, if you find your name being linked to negative reports, your course is clear: You have to marshal a storm of positive articles to drown them all out. This is the core of reputation management theory. The sooner you sink all of the negative articles to the bottom of the search results page, the sooner you can rely on the selective memory of the international public to work its magic. The old adage, “No news is good news” no longer applies in the age of the Internet. You have to constantly keep churning up positive press on behalf of yourself and your website. 

How Does A Reputation Management Firm Work? 

A modern reputation management firm works by identifying all of the negative articles, social media posts, videos, etc., that are being directed at yourself or your company. After doing so, their main concern is to spot the selective key words and phrases that are being used. They then answer back to these negative posts by copping all of the relative key words, hashtags, etc., and then employing them in the course of positive (or, in some cases, strategically neutral) articles concerning your company. 

Never Confuse Internet Etiquette for a Confession of Weakness

By working to restore your reputation, these companies go a fair bit beyond the old “equal time for rebuttals” rule, in that they operate by forcing opponents to the bottom of the list, rather than asking permission to speak in challenge. While this technique may seem rude and violent to some, it is quite simply the best and most effective way to disarm your opponents. Business is frequently a rough and tumble, dog eat dog type of environment, and any courtesy that you show to your opponent can all too easily be construed as a confession of weakness. 

Restoring Your Credibility, Viability, and Profitability 

The desired effect of a reputation management campaign is to quickly and decisively neutralize, then bury, all of your negative press by employing a team of writers to churn out these positive articles at a very fast clip. Use all of the best and most desirable key words in order to get these articles to the top of the search rankings as quickly as possible. By using the latest and most effective modern SEO techniques, a reputation management firm can quickly restore your online reputation, and thus your credibility, viability, and profitability. The use of modern reputation management techniques is your best weapon against those who seek to discredit and destroy you.