Maqetta – Open Source & Web-Based WYSIWYG Editor For Creating HTML5 Interfaces

Maqetta is a web-based WYSIWYG application which focuses on easing the process of creating HTML5 web pages.

The project is open source, does not require any plugins to run and can be used as a hosted service or by installing locally.

Its interface works with drag 'n' drops, there is support for desktop-like functions like undo/redo, preview in browser, save/save as and much more.


This version of Maqetta has the best support for Dojo library and enables you to insert the widgets/controls (like buttons, accordion menus, calendar, etc.) of the library instantly.

The application makes getting feedback for the pages developed easier with the ability to create multiple reviews (for ex: for each version). The developer simply selects the pages to be reviewed and the system automatically sends e-mail invitations to reviewers. And, reviewers can either share their thoughts as text comments and/or on-screen graphical annotations (rectangles, ovals, arrows and text).

Maqetta has much more integrated features like the ability to create wireframes with the help of a sketch theme, mobile authoring tools and more.