Markup Factory: Robust Web Publishing Platform

Markup Factory is an impressive web publishing platform for web designers & developers.

Markup Factory

It is a hosted-platform where you can create simple to complex websites easily with features including:

  • content management system
  • blog
  • calendar
  • event registration
  • online store
  • podcasting
  • newsletter management
  • & much more.

And, you or your customers can manage all the features with a powerful content management & administration interface.

Markup Factory

I have been playing with Markup Factory for a while & the best part is, it does not limit or force you to a new way of development.

It presents you all the logics of a website, blog, online store etc., you continue developing how you used to, creating the template, css, even add JS functions if you want but don’t deal with the time-consuming programming part and take advantage of the ready-to-use modules.

Markup Factory is built with web standards in mind. It has a powerful template engine that supports native XHTML – CSS and system modules have valid XHTML outputs from end to end.

Markup Factory CMS

There are also 2 "in-beta" features that are about to make the system much powerful:

  • built-In customizable online database
  • form builder

The application is very well-documented & not complicated. This makes the adaption period shorter.

Markup Factory is offering different packages for different requirements.

For an example Markup Factory built website, check

For an overview/tour of the system, click here.


Markup Factory is complete website creation platform for web designers/developers. It will enable you to create a  complicated website with a blog, e-commerce features, event registration, calendar, etc in a very short time.

On the other hand, the website manager will be able to manage the whole content & system easily (when needed, there is a ready-to-use documentation).

P.S. This post is a review.