Modular Grid Pattern: Grids For Photoshop & Other Image Editing Apps

Modular Grid Pattern is a website which enables you to create customizable grids in several ways.

The first one is a free Adobe Photoshop extension (CS5 compatible) provided which makes creating the grid directly inside the application possible.

Modular Grid Pattern

Also, there is an online generator where you can mention baseline, gutter, module width/height, number of modules and the width of the layout where the application creates:

  • PNG pattern (for GIMP)
  • Photoshop pattern
  • transparency mask (for Adobe Fireworks)


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  1. Reply Jim February 10, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    Nice post, but the website forbids Internet Explorer users. Since 56% of people still use IE, likely this is something as a developer I need to pass by.

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