Monstroid: An All-in-One Solution For Your WordPress Site

Multipurpose WordPress themes are becoming more and more popular these days. For the price of a single theme you acquire a so-called all-in-one theme, a tool that allows you to create multiple variations of design, and structure your site, literally, the way you want. We’d like to introduce you to one such theme that has recently been launched by TemplateMonster.

The theme is called MONSTROID and it’s more than just another WP theme.

monstroid themes

It’s a theme that you can use for any type of website no matter what your level of experience. Monstroid comes with a pack of child themes, 120+ PSD files, 50+ licensed images, 23 powerful plugins, and 145 pages with multiple layouts, styles, UI elements, typography options, animations, etc. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a closer look at what lies behind Monstroid and the unique possibilities it offers.

Monstroid Child Themes

monstroid child themes
Child Themes. Users of Monstroid don’t have to confine themselves solely to the design of one specific theme. In Monstroid’s package there are also 4 child themes for different niches – an artist portfolio, an educational resource, a corporate portal and an interior design site. Soon this number will grow dramatically as every month the team behind Monstroid will release about 15 child themes for various niches – and you will get completely free access to them.

monstroid theme styles
Style Options. You can display elements in 4 different styles, namely grid, masonry, flat, and masonry flat.

Just choose the most appealing way of arranging them on the page, from neat tiles split with small gaps, to clearly delineated boxes made as a single entity. You don’t have to stick to only one style. Elements of different pages can be arranged in different ways.

How Can Users Benefit from Monstroid’s Functionality?

Now let’s proceed to Monstroid’s functionality. It is equipped with useful features for any user, regardless of their skills and needs.

Unique Features. We’d like to start our overview of Monstroid’s functionality with its unique backend features. Take a look at them below.

monstroid wizard installation

  • Installation Wizard. When you start installing Monstroid, this feature will be your favorite one. With its help you can install the theme in a few minutes without uploading anything manually or changing databases and doing all that geeky stuff.
    It is especially handy as the theme comes with a large number of plugins and installing them manually would be quite difficult. With the installation Wizard, however, installation becomes very easy.
  • monstroid shortcodes

  • Shortcode Template Editor allows you to create templates for shortcodes. Once a template is ready, you can modify attributes of its elements and arrange them in the preferred order. In that way you won’t be limited to a prebuilt structure of a shortcode template and will be able to modify it the way you prefer.
  • static area builder

  • Static Area Builder. The developers of Monstroid decided to give you complete freedom on how you position your header and footer elements. Static Area Builder allows you to drag and drop header and footer elements into special areas called ‘statics’. For example, you can change the order of your footer logo, header menu and header slider. For further adjustment you can simply assign a basic Bootstrap grid class to any of them and control their position on various screen resolutions.
  • CSS Minifier. This feature optimizes the performance of your site by combining all the CSS files into a single one. This gives your site a little speed boost.

ecommerce woocommerce monstroid

WooCommerce Integration. Today, a lot of people place orders online instead of visiting shops. For that reason, store functionality is vital for everyone who wants to increase sales and reach more representatives of the target audience. Monstroid is an indispensable assistant in this situation, as it is powered by WooCommerce. It has multiple shipping options, payment gateways, currency switcher, Ajax cart, tax calculator, simple coupon system, and much more.

As for child themes of Monstroid, they are also WooCommerce-ready. So choose any design you like and start selling online.

Backup Option. No one is safe from mistakes while customizing a website. That’s why a backup option is a must-have for everyone. Using Monstroid you can back up both content and settings and return to them whenever you don’t like the outcome of your customization.

Feel free to adopt any changes to your site, as it will always be secured against any unforeseen circumstances.

Essentials. Monstroid is also supplied with essential features that can reinforce the impact of your site on the web. Here they are.

essential monstroid features

  • Cherry Framework. The Monstroid theme is powered by Cherry Framework 4.0, an open source WordPress theme framework with a modular structure (you can use its components independently of each another). Although the framework is supplied with a lot of options, you can disable those that you don’t need. Thus, nothing will distract you while building a site.
  • SEO-Optimized Pages. To improve your content visibility, Monstroid complies with the latest SEO standards, which will bring your site to higher positions in organic search results.
  • Mobile-Friendly. With the incredible progress of mobile technologies, many people use the Internet via tablets and phones. To provide a flawless visual experience for them, the layout of Monstroid and its elements can be adapted to screens of handheld devices automatically.
  • Social Media Integration. It allows for extra promotion of your web resource in the social media community. You can equip your site with a social login, follow icons and like& share buttons.
  • 500+ Google Fonts. With such a wide choice, you will have an opportunity to choose the typography matching the entire style of your site.
  • Google Maps. Make use of this service to add to your site an interactive map with a zooming effect, and mark your company’s location on it.
  • Support for Third-Party Plugins. In addition to the built-in plugins, you can embed third-party ones into your website functionality. To name the most popular of them, it’s worthwhile to mention bbPress, WPML, Yoast, and BuddyPress.

Monstroid Plugins

The Monstroid package is loaded with more than 20 powerful plugins that can be used to work with this theme, and also independently of it. Check some of them below.

monstroid drag drop editor

  • Drag And Drop MotoPress Content Editor. Many multipurpose WordPress themes have a page builder and this theme isn’t an exception. But in the case of Monstroid, the developers decided not to invent anything new, but rather stick with a solution already tried and tested among thousands of WordPress users. MotoPress Content Editor allows you to create and edit pages of your website in an easy-to-use visual editor, which makes the customization of your site a pleasant experience. You can try it in action yourself. The plugin price starts from $29 but with Monstroid you get it for free.
  • MotoPress Slider. MotoPress Slider is another premium plugin that comes with Monstroid for free. It is a fast and robust tool that lets you add animated layers to your slider, for example movable text, images, buttons, etc. You can also add video to each slide. The slider is fully responsive and works really well on different devices. On the whole this is a solid option for any site that needs a functional slider.
  • Cherry Rank is a plugin intended to rate pictures of products on a five-star scale. Once new customers enter your site, they will see what others think about your offerings.
  • Cherry Shortcodes Plugin allows for easy creation of over 150 variations of shortcodes to insert various types of functionality and content into pages.
  • Cherry Mega Menu is meant to group elements into rows on a single panel instead of overloading it with multiple submenus.
  • monstroid portfolio

  • Cherry Portfolio will come in handy to build visually effective galleries, where you can display your works with professionalism and style. Similarly, Monstroid also has plugins to represent services, testimonials and team with a distinctive touch.
  • Cherry Charts Plugin is designed to visualize numerical data and, therefore, make it easier for comprehension by readers. You frame stats in colorful diagrams and infographics.
  • Cherry Data Manager will be of great use when you decide to move the data to a new hosting account. Just one click is required for completing import and export procedures.
  • Cherry Live Chat is a vital tool for establishing close connections with customers, as they will be able to contact you in real time and get quick answers to their questions.
  • Cherry Blog Layouts Plugin gives you freedom of showing posts in the blog section. You can choose from the following options: grid, masonry and timeline.
  • What Else Can Users Get with Monstroid for Free?

    Monstroid comes with a large number of other useful goodies. Let’s take a look at all the bonuses you’ll get with the theme.

    monstroid licensed images

    50+ Licensed Images. With Monstroid you receive more than 50+ high-quality images portraying miscellaneous topics. You can use them however you want, for example as featured images for your blog posts.

    Documentation. Monstroid comes with detailed documentation that covers every feature and option the theme has. It is a great guide and the first place to go for anyone who requires any kind of assistance with Monstroid.

    Video Tutorials. There are also video tutorials available for Monstroid, so in case you’re more of a visual type of person, you can always watch how to install and customize Monstroid with a package of video lessons.

    free lifetime support design

    Free 24/7 Support & Lifetime Updates

    Free support and lifetime updates is probably where Monstroid stands out head and shoulders above others. The Monstroid team claims that ticket response time will be in the range of 2-4 hours maximum. In fact, they decided to go even further. You can talk to the support team using live chat! The chat is available in your admin panel. No need to create tickets and wait for hours.

    These features are completely free, no additional fees or premium packages required. Considering that the theme provides lifetime updates, this is indeed a great addition to the Monstroid package.


    We understand that it is hard to pick a premium WordPress theme that fits your needs. There are many themes available and each one has some great options and features. But despite the fact that Monstroid is a brand new theme, it definitely has some great potential. It is built right, and provides you with everything you need to create top-notch websites with amazing design and functionality. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to check the theme in action yourself!

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