New: 20 Cool Pre-Built Websites

The use of pre-built websites is the latest thing in web design. These websites provide a solid foundation to build upon, and they serve as sources of inspiration as well.

The 20 websites shown below are the latest additions to Be Theme’s library of 190+; a library that continues to grow at a rate of four new releases every month.

They are completely customizable, and the fact that they cover a wide range of themes and topics will make your web design efforts that much easier. As you browse through these 20 examples, we will tell you what to look for, but there are many useful design features you will discover for yourself.


The Newest Pre-built Websites to Appear on the Market


Be VPN This pre-built website shows us that VPN websites can be exciting too given the right colors and a modern sticky menu.

Muffin Group, the creators of Be Theme, is expanding this WordPress theme’s library of pre-built websites at a rate of four new releases per month.

This gives you, the website designer, an ever-increasing number of website themes and topics to add to your toolkit. As far as Be Theme itself is concerned, Muffin Group’s authors are continuously adding improvements and refinements that make it easy for you to turn out superior work; work your clients and web users will love.

As you surf these 20 examples, note the professional imagery, the clever use of color, design elements and white space, and the various ways calls to action or unique value propositions can be presented, both implicitly and explicitly.

Be App2


If you’re building a mobile app and you want a website that can help you develop a meaningful story and a good user experience, this pre-built website might be what you’re looking for.

Be Bistro


Large images, good UX and crystal clear call to actions make this pre-built website a perfect choice for bistros or restaurants.

Be Freelancer


Your portfolio is your most important marketing weapon. This pre-built website is structured in a way that will get you more leads.

Be Casino


If you’re looking for a website for the casino industry, Be Casino is a great choice. It covers all the important aspects of the trade in a one page layout.

Be Music


A music studio website should transmit a good vibe. Be Theme’s developers did just that. Their pre-built website is full of energy, intense and crisp.



A clean and modern layout, plus easy navigation are the characteristics of a good HR agency website. This pre-built website has exactly these features.

Be Pets


Looking for a website for a pet shop or for a cat/dog lover? Clean lines and clever effects are in the spotlight here.

Be Tiles


A pre-built website dedicated to businesses from the interior design niche (tile producers or sellers), with crisp, web design lines that compose a highly elegant layout.

Be Lifestyle

Dedicated to a personal traveling or lifestyle blog, Be Lifestyle is a pre-built website that is simply a joy to discover.


Be Pharmacy


Friendly and professional, this pre-built website dedicated to pharmacies can be easily customized and branded.

Be Holding


Notice the details in this pre-built website. It may seem like a layout that focuses on a classical approach, but this comes with a twist – every icon speaks about history and value, while the overall web design approach keeps a focus on modern techniques.

Be Kebab


A modern & hip pre-built website, dedicated to fast-food businesses that want to communicate that next-door-neighbor warmth.

Be Tea


A smooth layout, dedicated to those tea shops that want to tell that distinct, elegant story that surrounds this drink. Vintage and charming, it’s the pre-built website you should choose if your client is a tea-shop.

Be Toy


Be Toy offers a playful approach. Note how parallax is used in Be Toy, and take a moment to observe how individual products are presented. This is a great pre-built website to build a store around.

Be Carpenter


With a vintage touch, this one page pre-built website dedicated to carpeting professionals or services is surely not going to pass unnoticed! The experience is almost as relaxing as reading a book – the coherent web design style and the simplicity are quite impressive.

Be Retouch


Simple and clear – this is how we could describe best this pre built website for photo retouch services.

Be Charity


Focusing on engagement, with its very well positioned call to actions and information areas, this pre-built website dedicated to charity organizations will have a maximum impact.



Dedicated to all NGO’s, this pre-built website manages to combine a trustworthy image with a very friendly and simple user experience.

Be Mining


Who said corporate websites are not supposed to look friendly? This pre-built website, dedicated to mining companies, proves that a corporate, serious identities can come with a twist.

Installing and Editing a Be Theme Pre-built Website

As the video below clearly illustrates, installing and editing a Be Theme pre-built website is not at all difficult. It takes only one click to perform the installation, and with a couple of additional clicks you are well on your way to building your first page.

Since everything is customizable, you could use any of these websites as a basis for building a website of your own.  If however, you select one that best fits in with what you wish to present, your job becomes even easier. Whichever approach you take, be prepared to experience a positive jump in productivity.

Be Theme’s Main Features

Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme ever, is packed with features; far too many to mention here. There are however several key features you need to be aware of to appreciate this theme’s tremendous web building potential.

  • Muffin Builder, Muffin Group’s showcase drag and drop page builder, seems to take you by the hand as you build your website one element at a time. It’s that intuitive to use. Be also comes with Visual Composer.


  • The Admin Panel speeds up the process. It helps you customize your chosen pre-built website however you want to, and keeps everything under control, so you’ll always know where you are throughout the design process.
  • The Shortcode Generator makes the entire page building process easy. There is no need for coding, and when you see a demo element you like, the Generator allows you to insert it in the location of your choice.
  • There may be times when you want to start building a page from a blank screen. The Layouts Configurator enables you to set up a page, or pages, basic configuration with a few clicks.

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Be Themes features are always up to date, and they are updated and improved upon whenever a need exists; and should you ever be in need of assistance, Be’s world class support team is there to help.

As you proceed through this selection of 20 pre-built websites, you’ll no doubt find one or two you would like to use as a basis for your next project. Imagine what you could do when you have 190+ to select from and customize, using the biggest, most powerful WordPress theme on the market today.

The key features presented here are the most important, but visit the Be Theme website and check out the descriptions and capabilities of each of this theme’s 40 core features, along with its pre-built website library. You will be impressed.