Open Source Ad Server For Mobile – mAdserve

mAdserve is an open source and PHP-MySQL-powered ad server application for managing + tracking mobile ads easily.

It helps controlling directly-sold, cross-promotional and ad-network ads (many of the networks are supported by default) from a single interface.

There is no need to deal with SDKs of each ad network and, if you are selling the ads directly, it automates the process by enabling the customers to sign-up and purchase ads themselves (with PayPal or credit cards).

mAdserve - Mobile Ad Server

mAdserve supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 apps + mobile websites and campaigns can be targeted by device besides country/city, handset capabilities and schedule.

It includes open source and lightweight advertising SDKs for the devices mentioned and code snippets for mobile websites.

And, ads/campaigns can be tracked with live reports and a reporting API that helps gathering this data.