Open Source App That Converts oAuth To “HTTP Basic Authentication” – foauth

oAuth is the industry standard today for authenticating users or 3rd party apps to reach their data via APIs.

However, specially for anyone that didn’t ever deal with it, it is not the most developer friendly mechanism to deal with.

foauth, a free and open source service, removes the need of oAuth usage for ~40 popular web services and converts that auth process to HTML Basic authentication.


It already has the oAuth integrations with the services (like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, GitHub, etc.) and developers can simply use foauth as an authentication proxy.

Once any number of services are authenticated through the service, it simply adds a in front of any official API call (like

In means of security, bear in mind that any requests made are sent through If this sounds unsafe, self-hosting it is the option (built with Python).