Open Source Communication Platform: 6zap

6zap is an open source communication platform with e-mail, calendar, file management and contacts management.

The application comes in 3 flavors:

  • Hosted version
  • Downloadable version for installing it to any server
  • Hosting it in the cloud with the pre-configued Amazon-AMI

Open Source Communication Platform

The e-mail module is similar to Outlook, a slick three-pane interface (that can also work offline) with auto-save, drag’n drop & spelling features.

Calendar module offers both shared & private usage that supports recurring events, multiple views (day, week, month..).

The application has a file management module that offers a desktop-like experience. Files & folders can be added, renamed, deleted easily.

Contacts module is again very similar to Outlook & yoıu can reach it from the other parts of the application like the calendar or e-mail.

There is also a feature named Zcount, that makes subscribing & logging to the other websites/applications easier. It auto-creates an e-mail alias for subscription to offer a better spam protection.

To sum up, 6zap is a promising product that can be handy for:

  • service providers for offering it to their customers
  • individuals for almost instantly installing & using such a communication platform