Open Source & Touch-Enabled Flash Resources From Flashmo

Flashmo, a well-known website sharing free Flash files, has recently released new open source Flash resources.

They are all built with AS3, the galleries have touch support on mobile phones and, besides using them, their sources are a good way of improving skills.

One of them is an mp3 player which can display a playlist and play the items one-by-one or it has a "mini" version which can still play multiple songs but doesn't show the playlist.

Flashmo Mp3 Player

The list is fed with an XML file that has the info about the song + artist names and the location of the mp3 file (so, files can be located in different folders).

Another resource is a coverflow-like image slider where you can drag (with touch support) and browse through the items.

Every image can point to different URLs and the database is again an XML file.

Flashmo Coverflow

And, a 3D spiral gallery which is built with Papervision3D and Tweener.

You can drag up/down or left/right to move around thumbnails, use mouse wheel to zoom in/out, double-click on stage to toggle fullscreen.

For a complete customization, settings can be edited from an XML file.

Flashmo Spiral Gallery

There are also other new resources like 3D curve gallery or 3D touch ring.