Oriental Photoshop Brushes And Vector Images For Mysterious Designs

It is possible to find design resources in many themes. But, when it comes to oriental design resources, they are hard to find out as there are few free ones.

This is a collection of oriental Photoshop brushes & vector images for more mysterious designs : ).

The collection includes Chinese dragons, Japanese, Chinese & Arabic texts, people, houses, mosques & various figures.

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Important: Some resources are not free for commercial use. Make sure you check the licensing before using them.

Oriental Photoshop Brushes


Dragons & Animals

Photoshop Dragon Brushes

Here is a GIMP version of the Chinese Dragon brushes below.

Photoshop Chinese Dragons

Photoshop Dragon Brushes

Photoshop Dragnon Brush

Photoshop Dragons Brush Set

Oriental Animal Brushes

Photoshop Animal Brushes

Chinese, Japanese & Arabic Text Brushes

Photoshop Japanese Brushes

Photoshop Kanji Brushes

Photoshop Chinese Text Brushes

Photoshop Arabic Text Brushes


Photoshop Oriental Brushes

Oriental Brushes

Photoshop Asian Brushes

Photoshop Japan Brushes

Photoshop Oriental Rug Brushes

Photoshop Mosque Brushes

Oriental House Brushes

Arabesque Border Brushes

Oriental Brush Set

Photoshop Oriental Brush


Vector Oriental Images



Vector Camel And Mosque

Vector Japanese People

Vector Japanese Girl

Vector Asian Girls

Vector Chinese Figures

Vector Belly Dancer


Vector Dragon

Vector Asia Dragons

Vector Dragon


Vector Oriental Icons

Vector Asian Masks

Vector Mosque