Icons 8 is a regularly updated set of beautiful icons that are inspired from the Windows 8 interface.

Currently, there are 140+ items where 3 new ones are added each day (users can send suggestions for new icons).

They are in transparent .PNG format with 26*26px size and come in black&white colors.

There are icons of arrows, e-commerce, payment methods, sports, music and more.

Update (14 Feb 2012): The icons are now also available in .EPS vector format.

Icons 8

If you are developing mobile web applications, you already experienced the difficulty of debugging them.

iWebInspector is a free tool for debugging, profiling and inspecting web applications that run on iOS Simulator (iPhone or iPad).


The tool simply attaches the Web Inspector to any tab opened in Safari for iOS, to a chrome-less web app (full screen) or to a PhoneGap application.

It enables us to:

  • see and browse every element on your HTML element. You can change attributes, content and styles and see how they apply on Safari
  • see all the resources involved in this page, including Databases, Local Storage, Cookies and ApplicationCache
  • check all the network traffic on your website
  • see all your scripts, create breakpoints, watches and debug your JavaScript code.
  • record a timeline showing you rendering, scripting and loading times while you browse on Safari
  • profile your JavaScript code
  • audit your code, showing you a report on performance and other stuff
  • see and use the JavaScript console

Simply, a great addition for mobile developers.

Designers/developers usually know the frequently-used CSS properties by heart.

However, it is always handy to have a good documentation for easily remembering the rarely-used or new (CSS3) ones.


InstaCSS is a very simplistic website that offers a great documentation of CSS properties without any distractions; a list of the properties, a search engine and user-friendly description of each property.

There are also examples for each item and a chart of supporting browsers.

Simply, InstaCSS is a must have resource for anyone coding CSS.

DOM Monster is a bookmarklet, created by Thomas Fuchs of script.aculo.us, for analyzing the DOM and several other features of a page.

It works cross-platform/browser, checks the HTML + JavaScript codes and can come with warnings/suggestions like:

  • Reduce the number of tags that use the style attribute (85 elements)
  • Found 16 JavaScript globals. Reducing them can increase performance
  • and more..

The bookmarklet is not an all-in-one solution, however, can be used side-to-side with other tools like Firebug, PageSpeed, YSlow, etc.

Also, it is open source and can be improved/customized further.

DOM Monster

jqPagination is a jQuery plugin for quickly creating a JavaScript-controlled pagination interface and functionality.

The plugin is controlled with the special class names and attributes of HTML elements (for defining the prev, next buttons or setting the max pages).

It has a pretty unique, simple-yet-functional feature which is the ability to clicking on the pagination item and setting the page to be displayed manually.


jqPagination has a single callback which is ran when a pagination request is made and returns the page number to be displayed.

Its design can be customized easily and the plugin degrades nicely when JavaScript is disabled.