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Last week, the 1000th post of WRD was announcing a huge giveaway of products/services that web designers & developers would love.

One week later, today, the winners are selected and they are announced at the bottom of the post.

1000th Post Giveaway Winners

But before that, lets remember the products/services which made this huge giveaway (32 products) possible (listed alphabetically):

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jQuery UI Multiselect is a widget that converts html multiple select inputs into slicker interfaces.

It makes searching within the options possible which is very functional for large lists & selected items can be re-ordered by drag’n drops.

jQuery UI Multi Select

It can display the number of selected items & for an easier selection, there are select all/deselect all links provided.

The widget is unobtrusive & and be styled with ThemeRoller.

WebSlide is a free & JavaScript-based application for displaying/presenting images easily.

Mostly, it is built for viewing website design mockups which is very handy for freelancers & web agencies.


Slides can be switched with the help of a navigation bar or by keyboard. The navigation bar can also display any other information about the content displayed.

Images can be zoomed in/out & moved by drag’n drops. Optionally, presentations can be protected with passwords.

WebSlide does not have any server-side requirements & can be installed in minutes.

All Silhouettes is a website presenting free vector silhouettes where most of them are created by the author of the website (Stanislav).

Currently, there are 85+ packs with more than 5500 images.

They come in Adobe Illustrator (.AI) & Photoshop Custom Shapes (.CSH) formats which makes editing/using them much easier.

Free Vector Silhouettes

As the processes in HTML 5 & CSS3 working groups move forward everyday, it is getting much more clear that new standards are not too far.

There are lots of new tutorials, resources being created on HTML 5 / CSS3 including cheat sheets which are very functional helpers for anyone willing to code with these standards.

Although there are (currently) few around, here is a collection of HTML 5 and CSS3 cheat sheets:

P.S. the list will be updated with the new ones once they are created, please feel free to share them.


HTML 5 Cheat Sheets

HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet

HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet

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BigCommerce LogoBigCommerce is an easy-to-use hosted e-commerce software which makes your store up & running so quickly.

It can be totally customized as you have full access to HTML/CSS via FTP & there are 50+ ready-to-use store designs that can be applied with few clicks.

BigCommerce is integrated with almost every payment, shipping & accounting system you can think of. Optionally, it offers its own merchant account system with under-the-market rates.

The software is fully optimized for SEO from valid W3C templates to automatically generated sitemap XML file & SEO-firendly links.


Besides the products, it is possible to create & share any content (like return policies, promotion details) with its CMS functionality.

The software offers a quality usability experience to customers with features like:

  • one-click adding to cart
  • ability to compare products
  • tracking orders
  • wishlists (public & private)
  • single page & guest checkout
  • powerful search system (suggestions, filtering by price/availability, etc.)
  • & many more

It has everything to market the products easily like

  • trackable coupon codes
  • bulk discounts per product
  • ability to create custom discount rules
  • free shipping for purchases over $x
  • affiliate system
  • & more..

As BigCommerce is a hosted software, it comes with an included premium hosting with daily offsite backups, unlimited e-mails & top-notch security.

To sum up, the software offers more than anything a store owner can expect. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to run their stores without any technical hassle & get official support.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

VisualPharm is sharing various sets of beautiful free icons that are offered in Windows, Mac & PNG formats.

Icon sets are themed differently from animals to office space or finance icons. And, a set named "Must Have Icons" which includes 59 icons is a nice fit to be used in web applications.

VisualPharm Icon Sets

All sets come in 7 popular sizes: 16*16px, 24*24px, 32*32px, 48*48px, 64*64px, 128*128px & 256*256px.

They are free to use in personal & commercial projects (a link back is required).

Although MS Excel & Powerpoint seems a little bit out of the scope for web designers/developers, many web applications are built with reporting options that can be exported, so, they can be easily used as templates.

Free Excel Charts

Juice Analytics is sharing 15+ free Excel & Powerpoint charts that can beautify any report.

There are simple-to-advanced examples of various chart  types like bar, line or pie charts which comes with sample data that makes customizing faster by editing the values used.

VanadiumJS is an intuitive-yet-powerful jQuery plugin for easy client-side validation.

It supports Ajax & regular server-side response results. The rules to be applied can be defined in 2 ways:

  • JSON structure
  • inline markup

Client-Side Validation: VanadiumJS

Some of the default rules include:

  • presence
  • a special format
  • numbers (integer, float)
  • length
  • acceptance (checkboxes)
  • & much more..

VanadiumJS offers various customization settings like, ability to validate-as-you-type or validation-on-submit, waiting x seconds before validating as-you-type, etc.

FCKeditor, one of the most popular free WYSIWYG editors around now has a new version with more features & a lighter name: CKEditor.

WYSIWYG editors generally load slow due to the highly-used JavaScript. One of the best things CKEditor offers is the seriously improved perfomance to eliminate this problem.

Also, it is now an accessible script in compliance with the W3C WCAG & the US Section 508.


CKEditor offers a rich & powerful integration and interaction API. The editor is also totally plugin based & can be extended/modified in all senses to fit every need.

With a new user interface based on a fresh skin which is colorful like a chameleon, you can change its color to match your needs.

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