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Inside the "Let’s make the web faster" website, Google is sharing the tips & tutorials for better performing webpages.

Some of the articles are:

Website Optimization

Besides the articles, It is possible to reach videos of speeches by several organizations on website performance.

Also, links to various tools for the issue provided & a large community discusses the subject continiously.

pForm is a web-based & free HTML form builder application for creating good looking forms easily.

It offers various color schemes to get started & enables you to design your form with an Ajaxed interface.

Online HTML Form Builder

Any type of form objects (text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, file upload fields, etc.) can be added & every field can be customized (field label, type, size..).

Once the form design is completed, it can be previewed & ready-to-use HTML/CSS files can be downloaded as a .zip file.

To get amazing features like saving entries to database, input validation & much more, you can check the commercial product of the service: MachForm.

When working on projects as a group of designers & developers, it sometimes requires an effort to keep all files within the project synchronized.

Jake is a free & open source software which keeps everything synchronized in a group of any number of users & does not require a central server.

File Sharing Client

Usage of the software is very easy:

  • create a project
  • drag’n drop the folder of the projects
  • invite other people to see the project

Jake uses Jabber and open source chat server engines for the communication & users can login even with their Google username/passwords or any Jabber server.

The software is available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Wix is a free web-based service for creating simple to advanced Flash websites.

It offers 100s of ready-to-use and well-categorized free Flash templates (like e-flyers, photographers, business & more) or everything can be created from scratch with a blank one.


Wix is very easy to use with its drag’n drop editor that enables anyone to add:

  • any type of media (sound, video, images)
  • shapes, cliparts, animations, effects
  • advanced photo albums (slideshows, coverflow, carousel & more)
  • & lots of widgets like Google Maps, RSS, contact forms

to their websites.

If you want to sell stuff, the application has a solution for that too. It offers PayPal buttons to be added & configured with ease.

Although Wix looks like a perfect fit for anyone who is not into or new to web design (considering it does not require any programming skills), it is also a solution for experienced users to create impressive websites very quickly.

Websites created by this free web design service are search engine friendly & hosted free. For anyone looking into getting more with Wix, check the premium upgrades.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

MegaZine 3 is an open source & free Flash pageflip engine for presenting any content with a book-like interface where users can flip the pages.

It is built with ActionScript 3 & customized very easily via XML files.

Free Flash Pageflip

Features of MegaZine 3:

  • deep linking with integrated SWFaddress support
  • control bar to navigate through pages easier (can be disabled)
  • page caching for faster browsing
  • ability to use any content in pages like sound, images, movies & more
  • easy customization of background, colors & ability to create transparent pages
  • advanced localization support (even sounds, iamges can be bound to languages)
  • image zooming & image galleries inside pages

This pageflip engine is well-documented & a working demo can be found here.

Tip: There is a batch-script offered at the download page for auto converting PDF documents into Flash pageflip presentations.

Some other free pageflip engines:

ProtoFish is an advanced dropdown menu script which supports multilevel navigations & built with Prototype.

The script is lightweight (1.3kb minimized), unobtrusive & cross-browser.

Multilevel Hover Menu

The hover class used & delay effect of the menus can be customized with ease.

It is accessible via keyboard using the TAB key & multiple instances of ProtoFish menus can be used on the same webpage.

For demos with various number of of levels & delay effects, click here.

Web Developer Plus, a blog providing web design/development tips & tutorials, is sharing a slick featured content slider that is built with jQuery & jQuery UI.

It is a tutorial which describes each step (HTML, CSS, JS) & comes with the source files.

Featured Content Slider

The slider auto-changes the displayed content in every x seconds defined & can switch to the clicked item instantly.

In proportion with the size of the "main image", the slider can present a limited number of items (4 in the example).

It is also a proof of "how jQuery UI can help creating beautiful stuff with a very little JavaScript".

There are various CSS frameworks which offer a grid system, a style reset, basic typography, form styling & more.

But, if you only need a lightweight grid framework to build the skeleton of your website, take a look at the 1Kb CSS Grid.

1Kb CSS Grid

It supports both fluid grids besides the fixed-width ones and nested rows can be created.

The website of the framework provides a generator to customize the grid & download the CSS easily.

Also, Usability Post has a very detailed introduction to the 1Kb CSS Grid in 3 steps. To dig the details, make sure you check them:

Pictaculous is a free web-based service which generates the color palette of an image you upload.

And, it provides color palette suggestions from Adobe Kuler & Colourlovers which can be used with the image.


Once the color palette is created, it can be downloaded as an Adobe Swatch file.

Pictaculous also enables you to send the image & get results via e-mail (which is nice for using the service in phones).

Google Analytics offers various ways to view the data & make comparisons, which is great. But if you need a totally unique view or want to make comparisons with another data source, you’re limited.

Excellent Analytics is an Excel plug-in for importing web analytics data from Google Analytics in to an Excel spreadsheet.

So, you can easily build queries with all dimensions and metrics available or apply filters to create advanced queries

Excellent Analytics

The plug-in is open source & for improving it further, it can be found here.

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