Web pages usually display multiple widgets of different networks (like Facebook Like, Tweet button, etc.) for social sharing.

ShareCount is an open source script that collects the number of sharing activities in a single counter.

The counter sums up the number of sharings of an URL in Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious.


Also, it saves space by providing the ability use each social network's widget from the same button (that nicely toggles on hover).

The code of the script is pretty straightforward and it is easy to define new services.

Almost every browser comes with its own CSS prefix like -webkit-, -moz- or -o- which usually ends up in several repeated and unused CSS rules.

PrefixFree is a script which enables us to use CSS properties without vendor-specific prefixes.

At the backend, it detects the browser of users and adds only the prefixes needed to the CSS rules.


It works for both external (<link>) and inline (<style>) styles. PrefixFree even finds elements with style attribute and processes them too.

The script is standalone but there is also an optional jQuery plugin provided.

Animations like fade in/fade out or bounce are used almost everywhere, thanks to the ease that JS frameworks are offering, to create attractive user experiences.

Many of these animations actually have equivalents in CSS and Animate.css eases the usage of them.

It is a single CSS file that includes various rules for animations like flash, bounce, shake and multiple fades, rotates + bounces.

Each animation comes as a class. As CSS animations have native hardware acceleration, they work much smoother compared to JS animations. However, it'll be a good practice to have JS animations as a fallback.


Joyride is a plugin for jQuery that simplifies the process of guiding users to discover the features of a website.

By defining the steps of the tour as an ordered list, the plugin displays desired information near any HTML element inside tooltips.

jQuery Joyride

The location of tooltips (bottom, top), scrolling speed of the page, cookie on/off and several other options exist for customization.

To sum up, Joyride is a simple yet effective way of helping users find out the features of a website.

Frameless is a fresh project that shares ideas on grids that adapt column-by-column (rather than pixel-by-pixel).

It suggests a practice on fixed-width grids that are created with mobile-first approach which guarantees that designs created will adapt to any screen-size.

There are several files (like LESS, HTML or Photoshop templates) provided aiming to create a starting point for any designers who find the idea useful for their projects.