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Icon Eden is featuring 3 free & quality icon sets.

First one is: Bright!. An icon set that contains 148 crisp-shaped icons that are suitable for web applications, multimedia and software. The set also comes with the EPS files.

Free EPS Icon Set

Second one is: Milky. A set of 131 icons in green color. They are 64*64px & 48*48px size and in PNG format.

Free Green Icon Set

Third one Fresh Add-on. Fresh is normally a premium-paid image set but these 59 icons of that set is free. They come in all of the common sizes & formats.

The set contains application & financial symbols.

Free Financial Icons

All of the 3 icon sets are free for both personal & commercial use.

A post: "iPhone Application And Website Development: All Tools And Tutorials You Need" was published at WebResourcesDepot a few weeks ago (if you still didn’t check that post, click here).

Since then, iPocketApps created a website named Apps Amuck whose aim can be summarized as: "learning iPhone application development / 31 days – 31 iPhone applications".

iPhone Application Development

From the website:

The key here is simple: "Taking baby steps is better than taking no steps at all!"

iPhone application development is completely a new world & rather than trying to learn everything once, Apps Amuck is trying to present the information piece by piece.

There are great applications like:

  • What is my IP?
  • FlickrKML
  • MyGoogle & more..

The source codes of every application can be downloaded.

Liferay, with 60 tools and a selection of today’s most innovative technologies, enables you to do everything like:

  • Creating websites.
  • Building intranets.
  • Simply getting the right documents and applications to the right people.

Free Enterprise Portal

Liferay inlcudes web publishing, content management, collaboration and social networking.

With the role-based authorization, admins & users can define which information can be viewed by which users.

A strong set of community features help creating communities, user groups & they can have their own mini-portals.

Some other included features are: wikis, forums, instant messenger, calendar, webmail, blogs & more.

And, any other applications like accounting, sales can be integrated with its open architecture.

The application is "giant" with the features it offers & hard to describe its capabilities completely. Users interested in creating an enterprise portal should definitely check it.

idTabs is a jQuery plugin for creating simple to advanced tabs.

Tabs can be added dynamically, the "selected" tab can be acquired, idTabs can be binded to different events like mouseover.

jQuery Tab Plugin

Any element with a class name = idTabs becomes a tabbed area. Every link inside this class becomes a tab & the divs mentioned in these links become the content holders. To be more clear:

<ul class="idTabs">
  <li><a href="#jquery">jQuery</a></li>
  <li><a href="#official">Tabs 3</a></li>
<div id="jquery">If you haven't checked out ...</div>
<div id="official">idTabs is only a simple ...</div>

is a basic 2 tabbed menu.

Easy Reflections, a PHP script that enables you to create reflections (Web 2.0 look) of any image.

Supported image types are GIF, JPG & PNG.

PHP Image Reflection Script

There is a built-in caching mechanism to prevent creating same images again & again.

And, fade levels used can be configured.

The script works with both PHP4 & PHP5 and requires GD extension 2.0.1+ installed.

BlendFu is a website featuring free Photoshop & GIMP brushes in a well-tagged presentation.

Users can upload their brush sets & even the designs they created using those sets.

Currently there are 900+ brush sets featured.


Brush sets have 3 different download package options:

  • PS Creative Suite
  • Photoshop 7.0
  • GIMP

And, a great thing about BlendFu is, when you click on a brush set, you can view every single brush in the set in detail.

Constructr is a fresh open source CMS application built with PHP & MySQL.

With an Ajaxed backend, this CMS application uses TinyMCE for content editing & supports clean URLs via mod_rewrite.


The admin interface has:

  • Backend user & right management
  • Asset center for uploads
  • Integrated search engine for asset
  • Automatic sync after FTP-uploads
  • Automatic thumb´s for image-uploads
  • Integrated shadowbox-viewer for assets
  • Customizable backend language (Available: DE, EN, US, CH, AU)
  • Live preview  for hidden pages and content

For the frontend:

  • Cache system
  • File based templates
  • Multilingual frontend support
  • Use a frontent that fits your special needs (pure PHP and MySQL, Smarty, Flash …)
  • Individual 404 error page
  • Automatic RSS 2.0-Feed for every single content

Like mentioned, this free content management system is still fresh but frequently updated & looks promising.

Scrollable is a flexible & lightweight (3.9kb) jQuery plugin for creating scrollable contents.

Any content (HTML, video, text..) can be used as a scrolling item. And, it supports vertical scrolling besides the standard horizontal scrolling which makes it very ideal, specially for news sites or portals to present the flash contents.

JQuery Scroll Plugin

Other features of Scrollable are:

  • Setting the number of visible items
  • Mouse, arrow keys and mousewheel (requires mousewheel.js) support
  • Programmatic actions: next, prev, nextPage, prevPage, seekTo, begin, end
  • Know when list is scrolled with custom event listener

This jQuery plugin is built by the FlowPlayer team (see WRD post) and includes great examples (this & this) with FlowPlayer integration.

UPrinting, is giving away free business cards to 10 WebResourcesDepot readers (1,000 cards / each winner).

You can find the details of the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

Online Printing

About UPrinting:

UPrinting is a popular online printing company which enables you to get almost any design printed in any format like:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Catalogs
  • Label & stickers
  • Posters & more..

UPrinting Logo

You can upload your designs or choose a template from a well-categorized library & customize them (including the sizes).

Considering, there may be questions within the process like the formats, sizes, etc., UPrinting can be contacted via a live-chat support too.

How to win the free business cards?

Important: The giveaway includes free shipping to USA & Canada. For other countries, shipping must be paid by the winner.

Commenting to this post is enough to join this business cards printing giveaway & winners will be selected randomly via the query below on 16 October 2008 (1 week later).

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=564 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 10

Good luck to all : ).

OpenGoo is an open source web office for any company/team to create, collaborate, share and publish all its internal and external documents.

The application is in beta status & built with the mashup approach – by combining multiple solutions & offering it as a single package.

Open Source Web Office

Information that can be collaborated includes:

  • Text documents
  • Spreadsheets (coming soon)
  • Presentations
  • Task Lists
  • E-mails
  • Calendars
  • Web Links
  • Contacts

OpenGoo simply works in a XAMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL) environment.

Update (12th March 2010): OpenGoo is now named as Feng Office.

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