Social networking icons, although there are many of them, new and original ones are worth-bookmarking considering almost every website needs some social love.

Stampaxx is a set of 100 social icons that are in the shape of stamps and all have their unique social network-related motto.

They are available in 2, single-file, vector formats: .PSD and .EPS, so, updating them is so easy.

Stampaxx Social Icons

Inside Photoshop, in order to edit properties of a layer, we go directly to the popular "Layer Styles" window of the application.

This web-based "Layer Styles" application has a very similar look to the one in Photoshop, allows us to play with the properties of an object but generates the output as CSS(3).

Layer Styles

Just like Photoshop, it has ready-to-use styles and comes with the menus like:

  • drop shadow
  • inner shadow
  • background
  • border
  • border-radius

This HTML5 application is open sourced, mimics Photoshop perfectly and worth checking.

Subtle Patterns is a fresh website sharing simplistic yet high-quality patterns that are created by Atle Mo.

As the name says; the patterns are difficult to recognize and analyze. But, they help creating a soft contrast with the rest of the design.

Every pattern tile perfectly and, besides .GIF files for each item, they are available as a single .PAT (Photoshop pattern) file.

Subtle Patterns

The giveaway for HelpOnClick, the lovely live chat/support application, is ended today and winners of 10 Lifetime Basic Accounts ($19/month) with free Desktop Application ($59) are selected.

!! The WRD-exclusive offers below still continue:

  • free plan upgrade (from Basic to Pro or from Pro to Deluxe) + free desktop application (normally $59) once you purchase the service by visiting their website from the links in this post.
  • partners (resellers or affiliates) who sign-up by visiting their website from the links in this post will get 40% lifetime commissions instead of 30%.

What is HelpOnClick?

It is a web-based live support chat application that can be integrated into any website within minutes with just a copy-paste of an HTML code.


The application shows visitors in real-time, presents detailed info about them and enables them to start a conversation with you or you can choose to push a conversation with them.

Multiple support staff can use it at the same time, transfer chats between each other and use tools like "canned responses" for a faster communication.

HelpOnClick has an advanced reports and statistics system for analyzing the support department easily (number of support requests/day, operator statistics, etc.).

HelpOnClick Theming

Its look and feel can be changed with theming support to reflect your website's identity and every text or icon can be customized.

And the winners

The winners are selected randomly from the commenters and here they are:

  • ionut (comment #333022)
  • gecko (comment #333499)
  • Jonathan Hindi (comment #333761)
  • ConspiracyTheory (comment #333000)
  • stiggi (comment #333218)
  • k19s (comment #333261)
  • Roger (comment #333078)
  • Izzy Rebel (comment #332993)
  • Chuck Lasker (comment #333249)
  • Jason (comment #332919)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for trying your chances.

When creating a web application or a software, it is usually a good idea to search for resources, like snippets, plugins, etc., that can ease the job.

Cocoa Controls is a website which offers this functionality to iOS and Mac OS X developers by listing open source and custom UI components for these platforms.

Cocoa Controls

There are already 150+ controls (like this awesome iCarousel) where new ones are added regularly. Also, you can submit new resources as well.

P.S. What would be greater is a categorization of the controls so they can be found much easier.