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Google just launched their web browser Google Chrome.

Good news is; developers won’t have to test designs in one more browser as it uses the open source WebKit (the engine Safari uses).

Google Chrome

From a developer’s point of view, Chrome shows us how Google sees the future of web applications with faster JavaScript rendering via V8, using WebKit as the rendering engine (serious support for SVG, etc..) & more.

Besides the standard Google Chrome product page, here is the page that is designed specially for web developers.

And, there is Chromium which is the open-source project behind Google Chrome.

Flickrshow is a lightweight, cross-browser JavaScript code that enables you the display your Flickr images as a good looking Ajaxed slideshow.

Ajax Flickr Slideshow

The script is very easy to install & can be set to show images within Flickr groups, photosets or tag based images.

Flickrshow has a cache system that enables the presentation of images faster. And, presentation can be managed with a play/pause button.

Also, you can easily modify the theme completely via CSS.

P.S. The application requires Prototype & a small part of Scriptaculous library.

CSS Menu Builder is an online menu builder which enables you to create 30+ horizontal, 700+ vertical & breadcrumb menus (without the unlimited color combinations).

CSS Menu Builder

With an Ajaxed & simple to use interface, menus can be created on the fly and HTML, CSS & necessary image files can be downloaded easily (or a complete ZIP file can be downloaded).

Pixel Perfect is a Firebug plugin which enables you to overlay a web composition on any developed HTML.

By switching between on & off, you can see easily howmany pixels you’re off with the development.

Pixel Perfect Firebug Plugin

You can play with the opacity of the overlay to better see or totally disable the design below.

Move controls enables you to fine tune the position of the overlay. To give an example, you can exactly position a new menu over an old one to see if it fits or not.

Galleria is an image gallery jQuery plugin.

It loads the images one by one from an unordered list and can present them:

  • scaled
  • unscaled
  • centered
  • cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box

 jQuery Image Gallery

The beauty of Galleria is behind the ease of creating a gallery. Simply create an unordered list, add some images and it will create a chic gallery.

Another nice feature is the support of browser history. You can use your browser’s back & forward buttons

Other features of this jQuery image gallery:

  • Unobtrusive javascript
  • Lightweight (4k packed)
  • Displays the thumbnail when the actual image is loaded
  • CSS powered – create your own gallery style
  • Super fast image browsing since the images are preloaded one at a time in the background
  • Stylable caption from image or anchor title
  • jQuery plugin – takes one line to implement
  • Can fire events so you can customize the images behaviour onLoad

Simple Invoices is an open source, web-based invoicing application which is ideal for freelancers & small businesses.

It is not an ERP application & does not have lots of features. It simply enables you to define the job done, select the customer and generate a nice looking invoice.

Free Billing Application

Some features of Simple Invoices:

  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Microsoft Word, Excel or plain text
  • Multiple invoice types
  • Invoice templates
  • Invoice preferences – customise all the wordings on the invoices
  • Multilingual

This free invoicing application requires PHP 5+ to run & MySQL for storing data.

This is an open source 3D album component for Flex which is similar to the Cooliris‘s (formerly PicLens) attractive interface.

The component is inspired from the 3D album tutorial of Bartek Drozdz.

3D Flex Album

The download package includes examples besides the source code for easier developing.

Zimplit is a ridiculously easy to use free CMS application which is ideal for simple websites.

There is no standard admin panel. A toolbox appears after logging in & you start editing the website.

Simple CMS

You can add images, links, edit the HTML of a page and copy a page to use it as a template for a new page.

It requires PHP 4.3+ to run & no databases required.

The application needs CHMOD 777 on all files for editing them. Since they are HTML files (except zimplit.php), it does not sound very bad.

WIPmania provides IP to country database and API which is free to use for both personal & commercial projects.

The database comes in SQL, CIDR & text formats & updated in every 2 months.

If you don’t want to use the database and use the API, a simple query like:

returns you a 2 digit country code ( is the URL where the query is made from). API usage is free until 10,000 queries/day.

ProtoForm is a "very easy to implement’, lightweight (4kb) & unobtrusive form validation & Ajaxed submit solution that depends on Prototype.

It can validate:

  • e-mail
  • date
  • telephone number
  • URL

Prototype Form Validation

Parameters are mentioned within the attributes like:

<input type="text" id="name_Req" name="name" title="Required! Try again" />

This makes it very easy to implement (a negative point can be requirement to define the ids in a specific way).

ProtoForm also sends data and shows response with Ajax, highlights the form field on focus and on error.

Uptime Robot