Adobe Photoshop Tutorials about using the Brush Tool

Whether using a mouse or illustrating on a tablet, Photoshop is a powerful design suite. The brush tool is one concept with a volume of knowledge behind it. You can build your own custom brushes from scratch or even illustrate brilliant designs using only the defaults.

It all depends on your skillset and how you work in Photoshop. If you want to learn more about the brush tool then you’ll certainly love this collection. Below you will find a series of articles and tutorials related to Photoshop, and more specifically the Photoshop brush tool. Read through a few of these articles and be sure to keep practicing your technique!

Photoshop Brush Tool: A Basic Guide

basic online guide to photoshop brush tool

10 Things you must know about Photoshop Brushes

ten 10 things about photoshop brushes

Brushing Up on Photoshop’s Brush Tool

smashing magazine tutorial photoshop brush tool

How To Make a Photoshop Brush

howto how making photoshop brushes tutorial

Create a set of PS Brushes

create a set of textured photo brushes photoshop

Using Scatter Brushes in Photoshop

online guide article scatter brushes photoshop

Photoshop’s Brush Tool

how to use photoshops brush tool forum post

Eye-popping Graphics with Photoshop Brushes

create photoshop graphics using brush tool sitepoint

Applying Brush Strokes to Vector Paths

applying brush strokes photoshop vector paths

Create Spirographs and Fractals

howto create spirographs fractals photoshop

Easy Fractals in Photoshop

photoshop fractals design howto tutorial

Custom Fractal Photoshop Brush

howto creating photoshop brush effect fractal

Managing Photoshop Brushes

howto guide managing photoshop brushes

Rotating PS Brushes

howto rotate brushes adobe photoshop

Make your own PS Brushes

howto guide make your own photoshop brushes

Brushes and Shape Dynamics

adobe photoshop brushes shape dynamics

Brush Texture Options

adobe photoshop brush texture options guide

Create a set of Grunge Brushes

grunge brushes photoshop tutorial guide

The Brush Panel and Using a Tablet

brush panel using tablet photoshop tutorial

Define Photoshop Brushes with Actions

adobe photoshop actions to define brushes