Pinterest-Like Social Stream Displayer: Infinite-Social-Wall

Infinite-Social-Wall is an open source PHP-MySQL application for presenting any social activity in a Pinterest-like interface.

The application can actually grab the content from any number of given RSS feeds but it has built-in styles and icons for social networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Github and more.

Infinite Social Wall

It makes use the awesome Isotope plugin for the layout and can scroll infinitely by loading new items while scrolling.

Infinite-Social-Wall uses the database for storing the parsed content from the feeds in our not to parse them each time.

For anyone willing to create such a self-updating website, the application is a very handy resource.

  • Hi! I’m the developer of this project and loved your feature!
    I’d encourage anyone to open up issues or contact me through my website with features and updates you’d like to see on the project.