Powerful Storage Library For Cookies, Flash..

Most of the developers use cookies for storing data on the client side as they are cross browser & platform. But storing important data in cookies has some downsides:

  • Size: Cookie max size is around 4kb.
  • Bandwidth: Cookies are used in every HTTP transaction.
  • Complexity: It is hard to manipulate cookies correctly.

Modern web browsers, Google & Flash have non-cookie storage solutions but each of them solved this differently:

  • globalStorage: Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 8
  • localStorage: development WebKit
  • openDatabase: Safari 3.1+
  • userdata behavior: Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Adobe Flash
  • Google Gears

PersistJS solves all of the issues above. It currently supports persistent client-side storage through the following backends:

  • flash: Flash 8 persistent storage.
  • gears: Google Gears-based persistent storage.
  • localstorage: HTML5 draft storage.
  • whatwg_db: HTML5 draft database storage.
  • globalstorage: HTML5 draft storage (old spec).
  • ie: Internet Explorer userdata behaviors.
  • cookie: Cookie-based persistent storage.

And the great news is, each backend is communicated with the same interface which means you don’t have to know or care which backend is being used.