Premium Plugins To Use When Making Websites For Your Clients

Whether it’s WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla, or Magento, creative professionals put in a lot of effort day and day out to give shape to good-looking websites for their contractors. Part of that effort goes into finding auxiliary resources, especially themes and plugins that serve a specific purpose, and are compatible with the CMS or website launching platform at hand.

Sound premium plugins are particularly difficult to come by. Consciously or unconsciously, each of us creates a list of favorites, over time. I have my own version of it, too. You can read all about it below, in an updated form for this autumn.

LayerSlider Premium Multi-Purpose Slider Plugin

The crown goes to a lofty and well-known plugin used for building websites on every popular CMS. LayerSlider gets full marks for many reasons, the first of which being tied to its compatibility with so many platforms. The principal use for this plugin is to set up responsive and SEO-ready slideshows, image galleries, and content sliders.

When people install LayerSlider, they can choose one of 13 skins. Then again, the  drag-and-drop builder is very friendly and practical. It’s impossible to ignore that it is equipped with a live preview function, as well as timeline view. You can go wild and create fantastic animations using LayerSlider’s astute transition builder. As an alternative, you can always take your pick from a series of ready-made slide transitions with 2D and 3D effect – 200 of them in all. Last, but not least, the content you can add to your sliders includes text, Google Fonts, images, HTML code, and videos from Vimeo/Youtube or HTML5 self-hosted.

OpenCart Fast Checkout

Time is of the essence. This precept is true for many ordinary life situations, like waiting on a line to purchase something from the store. Things should be different with online shopping. In other words, it just won’t do to stall your clients, because that may be the last time they shop on your OpenCart website.

I recently stumbled upon an OpenCart plugin that lets you speed up the checkout process. The admin panel has a charming interface with a pleasant design. OpenCart Fast Checkout is  flexible and will integrating with your website in any manner. With it, you can altogether insert a sign-up/login form directly on the checkout page, along with the product image, and billing and delivery addresses.

Send New Order Email to Admin

Since we’ve skirted the topic of online shops, what if you also took a few seconds to read about a plugin intended for order e-mails? The way you choose to handle them is important, because they measure how profitable your web store really is.

The premium module that I am about to describe is meant for Magento. It is destined to optimize the manner in which new order e-mails are sent to admin. What is more, the plugin lets you modify the default Magento e-mail template, and give it a better, more appealing shape. Guest users and registered users would be presented with different new order templates, and you can set up an automatic sender of e-mail confirmations for orders.

OpenCart Canonical URLs

We all agree that OpenCart is a magnificent PHP cart software, yet you may have noticed that its SEO capabilities fall short of the mark. If you were to make a default virtual shop, then it would basically invade the Google index with duplicate pages: product pages, information, category, and index pages. Hence, low page ranking. Try using the premium plugin for OpenCart that adds canonical links to your main page, category pages, and information pages. It comes with wealthy documentation, and debugs the OpenCart issue of placing wrong canonical URL in the canonical tag of the products page.

Single Sign-On for Magento and WordPress

There is such a thing as WordPress-Magento hybrid projects, even though Magento complements E-commerce, and WordPress is primarily used for page management and as a blog platform. Yet, it is also possible for admins to manage pages with Magento. The main problem for your users is that Magento and WordPress each require a different sign-in, which is bothersome. Use the single sign-on plugin to transform Magento’s ‘My Account’ area in a unified solution, plus syncs passwords, login/logouts, and user information actualization.


If you’re on the lookout for an auction solution, then seek no further. WPAuctionSoftware is a proficient auction management system for WordPress, which lets you conduct auctions in the style of Ebay, and also has a built-in invoice and e-mail system. Integration with Paypal and is present, as well as the possibility to offer virtual products for download via the dashboard. Three listing styles are available: Standard, Fixed, and Penny – the last of which doesn’t allow bidders with a zero account balance to participate.

Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin

No one can afford to side-step e-mail marketing today, when they have a web store on their hands. It is the main ingredient for attracting new clients and keeping regular ones. In this context, you could really use proper MailChimp WordPress integration, which Chimpy can definitely provide. This elite plugin allows you to create registration forms, which you can then pop-up for your website visitors to take notice. Furthermore, Chimpy is great for showing comment forms, synchronizing WordPress users, and giving confirmed subscribers the OK to access exclusive content.

Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin

Every WordPress website is singular, insofar as its creation demands a unique blend of both practiced skill, and resources. To begin with, creative professionals have to wireframe their projects before they set out to complete them, and establish what functions they should support. Shortcodes are very useful for integrating various functions with little effort, so you can enlist the Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin for its 5000 offerings. Some functions include CSS3 buttons, tooltips, and info boxes, 3D shadow effect for images, revealing text in accordion, pricing tables, and customized order lists.


Social sharing plugins are extremely useful, because they have the potential to accelerate incoming traffic. Monarch is one of the best options on the table. You can use it to create an optimum social sharing/following experience for the readers on your website, plus monitor their engagement in time. Monarch from Elegant Themes offers many automatic features. All in all, you can easily pick, design, and place social sharing buttons in either of 8 locations on your web page.


In terms of user experience, each of your websites has to encourage and maintain an interactive community, at all costs. If you want to make sure that happens, then you have to work with premium assets. UserPro is an effective solution for dealing with user profile management. You will find it very comfortable to employ this plugin in setting up site member directories with a multitude of display options. In addition, you can use it to create stunning registration forms, and also strike up direct connections to your users’ favorite social networks.

FrontEnd Page Builder

Handwritten code can sometimes be an issue, especially when deadlines loom closer and closer. Independent of the fact that you regularly grab at code-exempting opportunities, or choose to be a traditional ‘purist’ on this matter, I believe it’s OK to craft websites in front office, time after time. If you’re basing them on WordPress, then it would be a good idea to enlist FrontEnd Page Builder, and work from your browser.


For e-commerce sites, the image of a product may be enough to capture someone’s attention, but you need more elements that continue to stimulate the curiosity of potential clients. A map of pins on that image can achieve such an effect on visitors at the most receptive moment of their presence in your store, by conveying certain details and information on the product in a non-intrusive and friendly manner. Try the plugin named iMapper, and fix any number of pre-designed or custom pins on product images.


If you frequently have to take care of websites that sell woocommerce subscriptions, then you might want to keep your eyes peeled in this particular section. There is an excellent extension for this occasion that I can’t help but recommend further. Subscriptio makes for the perfect way to send subscription renewal reminders, establish how long suspension periods ought to be, and more. It is complete with a complex interface that includes various hooks and filters for web developers.

Content Timeline

What do you think about website content displayed in a timeline, organized in chronological order, or not? To my mind, the public at large is more drawn to fresh-looking and clutter-free content. In the case of your WordPress-based websites, you can opt for this type of layout with a premium plugin, simply named Content Timeine. It would allow you to add loads of groups and numbers in specific points (to the left, or right), and 11 options to customize your timeline.

Smart SEO – Joomla Plugin

I wouldn’t know how you usually go about optimizing your websites for search engines, but what I do know is that I found an amazing solution for Joomla projects. It goes by the name of Smart SEO, being a genial and uncomplicated premium plugin that lets you calibrate your website without any technical skills.

Vector Icons for WordPress

Would you care for an easier and more straightforward manner to integrate superb vector icons on you WordPress site? I did, because I got tired with altering PSD files and images. Luckily, I found a premium plugin that contains a 900-strong panel with vector fonts and icons, as well as the chance to give them some effects.

– – –

My account of hand-picked premium modules and plugins is now complete. Thank you for your interest. How did you like my suggestions, and have you got the chance to work with any of these plugins by now? If so, then did you find them just as competent as I did? Do you have other comments to make, or perhaps new insights to share? By all means, leave your response to this article in the comment area.