Pro And Free E-mail Marketing Tool: OpenEMM

E-mail marketing, when done professionally, has a serious return rate and measurable.

OpenEMM is a beautiful e-mail marketing (or newsletter management) application with business level capabilities. And best of all, it is open source.

Free E-mail Marketing Script

Using this e-mail marketing tool, event and time triggered e-mails can be sent which is a great feature for smarter mailing lists.

Some other features of OpenEMM are:

  • Set of pre-configured action forms and template
  • Import and export workflows simplified by wizards
  • Configuration of different users with different rights/roles
  • Create mailing lists for groups of recipients
  • Subscription to your mailing lists via confirmed opt-in, double opt-in or via e-mail
  • Unsubscription with one click, optional with confirmation query and unsubscribe confirmation by e-mail
  • Import and export wizards
  • Separation of layout and content (like a content management system)
  • Templates
  • Detailed real-time statistics with graphical output
  • Analysis of opening rate, click rate, unsubscriptions, bounces
  • Comparison of multiple mailings based on key data

OpenEMM is mainly written in Java and Python and uses MySQL for storing data.