Prototype – jQuery LiveSearch (QuickSilver-Like)

Live search is a great way of improving usability, specially if you have a serious amount of data to search. No going back & further and your users can see the results as they type.

QuickSilver has a great interface which accepts abbreviations as the input like writing wrdprss rather than WordPress.

JavaScript Live Search

John Nunemaker had published a QuickSilver style Prototype live search and the ported it to jQuery.

John Resig (creator of jQuery) played with it more and re-ported it to jQuery (which seems to be the final version for now : ) ).

Update (07.08.2008): And a MooTools version of the code.

  • Gyorgy Fekete


    I spotted a problem with the script. On the demo page there is the first entry The Well-Designed Web.

    Now if I search for well web then everything is ok, but if I serach for web well then it returns 0 results.

    btw. It’s a cool script.

  • Oskar Krawczyk
  • Umut M.

    You’re right, it searches with the order of keywords, I believe this can be tweakened in the code.

    Thanks for that. I updated the post to include MooTools version too.

  • Binny V A

    Another implementation of the Live Search concept. Does not use a framework.