Refresh your WordPress website with these essential 2016 web design trends

It’s now June but 2016 is not over yet. If you were thinking about refreshing your WordPress website you still have plenty of time to implement some creative 2016 web design tweaks and boost website traffic. Don’t overlook web form design and optimization! That’s also really important for making your site memorable.

Let’s have a look at some of the fundamental web design trends for 2016.


Minimalism seems to be an everlasting design trend. For the past few years, minimalist design has been really popular and it remains the same in 2016.

Generous space, contrast, hero headers and images, emphasis on attractive and readable typography, images with negative space- these are just a few examples of elements that define minimalist design.

Sennep s a great example of minimalist website design:


Bold Images

It’s 2016. Web designers know that using high-definition images is imperative. Some even take it to the next level and integrate mesmerising images with 360 degree view or bird view.

See how Superiest does it:



Videos incorporated into headers and backgrounds are becoming more and more popular for websites.

Check out Nest:


Interactive elements

Interactive elements make it easy for website owners and businesses to connect with their target audience and form a strong impression from the very beginning.

CaptainForm’s Coupon Catcher is pretty addictive:


It can be a funny game, audio or video media, but WordPress quizzes, WordPress surveys and polls are key elements when it comes to successful user engaging websites. 

Have you implemented any of these web design trends on your WordPress website yet?