Responsive Newsletter Templates By ZURB

It was always the desktop where e-mails were viewed but this has changed a lot and e-mails are now reached from multiple devices.

Just like web pages, e-mails can be responsive too, so that they will be displayed as expected on tablets and mobile devices as well.

ZURB is sharing a free set of responsive e-mail templates what can be used as a base for any newsletter.

Responsive Newsletter Templates

Currently, there are 5 templates with single or  2-column layouts in different variations.

These templates have separate HTML-CSS files and they are built with “newsletter delivery services (like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp)” in mind which will format the e-mail and auto-convert the styles to inline.

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  1. Reply Uwe December 3, 2012 at 6:05 AM

    Not tested in Outlook 2003-2007? WTF? One of the most important email clients is untested?

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