Retro Photoshop Brushes And Vector Images – Giant Design Pack

Circles, curves, stars, old cars, music cassettes, boomboxes & more. Retro design is always one of the popular trends.

This is a collection of beautiful retro Photoshop brushes & vector images to help you design faster & inspire.

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Important: Some resources are not free for commercial use. Make sure you check the licensing before using them.

Retro Photoshop Brushes


Photoshop Retro Shapes Brushes

Retro Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Retro Star Brushes

Retro Star Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Retro Punk Brush

Retro Photoshop Brush Set

Photoshop Brush Retro

Photoshop Retro Tape Brushes

Retro Circle Brushes

Photoshop Retro Shape Brushes

Retro Photoshop Shape Brushes

Photoshop Circle Brush

Photoshop Cassette Brushes

Retro Photoshop Brush

Photoshop Retro Radio Brush

Retro Flower Brushes

Photoshop Retro Dot Brushes

Photoshop Scribble Brushes

Photoshop Retro Brushes

Photoshop Retro Brush Set

Retro Butterfly Flower Photoshop Brush

Retro Grunge Brushes

Circle Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Retro Circle Brushes

Photoshop Retro Brush

Photoshop Retro Drink Brush

Photoshop Retro People Brushes

Photoshop Retro People Brushes

Retro Men Photoshop Brush

Vintage Photoshop Brushes

Retro Girl Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Retro Girl Brush

Photoshop Girl Brushes



Vector Retro Images

Format of these free vector images varies (Illustrator, Freehand or Photoshop).

There are not too many free retro vector images around & these are some of the most beautiful ones.

Vector Retro Shapes

This is a vector retro rainbow curves tutorial with a downloadable PSD file:

Vector Retro Rainbow

Free Vector Boombox Images

Vector Retro Music

Free Retro Vector Shapes

This is a tutorial for creating retro 3D vector stars with downloadable EPS & SVG files:

Free 3D Vector Stars

Free Vector Retro Car

Vector Retro Shapes

Vector Retro Icons

Free Retro Icons

Free Vector Retro Bubbles

Vector Cassette

Vector Retro Camera

Vector Retro Circles

Vector Retro Telephone

Vector Retro Speaker

If you know other free retro Photoshop brushes or vector images, please mention them in the comments to make the list better.