Rounded Corners With No Images Using curvyCorners

curvyCorners is a javascript based solution for getting rounded corners without images for any html div element.

There are other javascript solutions which offers similar features. Some of these solutions have problems with backgrounds, sharpness of the corners. curvyCorners is between the good ones.

There is also a jQuery plugin created for curvyCorners.

Javascript Round Corners - curvyCorners


– Free
– Easy to use JavaScript object
– Requires no images or image editing
– Full Anti-Aliasing support
– Anti-Aliasing over graphical backgrounds
– Background-image support (round corners of images)
– Fluid height/width support
– Solid border support, any colour/width with Anti-Aliasing
– User defined per corner radiuses

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  1. Reply CPKS May 6, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    Works on any inline-block element, even a span, anything except a button element (which some browsers don’t really support). Supports most selective corner/border options. Limitations well documented. Copes with dynamic pages: supports resizing on window resize, ajax events…

    jQuery plugin is much more limited, but standard CC is compatible with jQuery anyway.

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