Scripts and Plugins for Analyzing Website Traffic Stats

Most webmasters agree that Google Analytics provides high-quality traffic analysis without much competition. But you can’t host their scripts on your own server and must rely on Google’s servers for data storage. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for in a traffic analytics script.

This gallery includes a number of self-hosted and cloud-hosted services for traffic analysis. It’s always possible to go back using Google Analytics if you prefer. But sometimes it is worth testing some other services just to see what they can offer.


hummingbird stats website webapp analytics


w3 counter website analytics free tracking traffic


pikwik analytics website software tracking


mixpanel mobile analytics advanced platform traffic stats

gauges fastest forward website analytics traffic stats


awstats free log file traffic analysis

Stat Counter

stat counter visitor analysis webapp traffic numbers


have a mint design analytics counter interface


foxmetrics fox metrics online cloud storage analytics


reinvigorate online website analysis analytics heatmaps


javascript open source library analytics js

Performancing Metrics

performancing metrics pmetrics company analytics service

Analytics for WordPress

google analytics for wordpress plugin free

Analytics Dashboard for WP

google analytics dashboard for wordpress wp

Traffic Analyzer

traffic analyzer wordpress plugin free open source

Joomla! Analytics

joomla cms site analytics traffic

Drupal Analytics

drupal google analytics project open source extension

Fork CMS Analytics

fork cms analytics open source extension plugin