Simbla- New definition Of Easy Website Building

2015  was a year of revolution for all website makers, we saw how users left old platforms as Joomla and WordPress and are more looking for the cloud experience and using platforms like Wix, Weebly, Simbla and more.

In 2016 we expect the trend to get stronger, it’s definitely going to be the year of big and important changes, we expect the cloud platforms to grow and become more user friendly, modern and versatile.

We took Simbla’s new talked about system, released at the beginning of the year out for a test.


Build it or Edit it

It seems from first view that Simbla are trying to raise the bar with the new looks and guidance throughout the process, Simbla are trying to become an innovating easy website builder.

It looks like simbla understand the importance of design and are trying to be different and more creative, the result is one of the neatest website builders we have come across.

We can straightaway see that simbla have improved their template directory, adding new effects and more high quality templates to choose from including one pagers and multi page websites in different categories.




The template gallery

To try out Simbla’s new system we are going to choose a blank page, after making our option we are asked to give our site a name and then we are welcomed with a new walkthrough which is quick and very informative.


After the short walkthrough we are thrown into the workspace of the website builder, here we can simply drag and drop elements from the new bar which holds a massive stock of different types of block, from content blocks to headers and multimedia. The whole process was so easy, you can literally drag and drop blocks like they are Lego parts, all you need to do after placing them is to change the text and images and your site is ready, in minutes we build a full functional website.

Our page under construction

Thanks’ for bootstrap, one of Simbla’s strongest sides was always the responsivity. On other website makers, we found some serious problems trying to turn the site responsive and suit all devices, today Simbla are probably the most responsive website builder, offering the option to view the website you have created both in tablet view and mobile phone view, Simbla even let you flip the device to see your site from different angles.



Tablet view


Mobile phone view


Change the feeling of your site in just one click

As we mentioned at the beginning, Simbla probably understand the importance of design, Simbla are actually making any website builder’s dream come true – with Simbla’s new system you can change the overall appearance and feeling of the website with just one click all thanks for Simbla’s Theme Maker, a remarkable tool that allows you to choose a ready-made theme that includes background colors, textures, fonts, icons and more. Or you can just customize your own theme and change the whole “feeling” of your website exactly as you want it. All changes effect each element of the site, you have four block styles for each theme and you can easily change the style of each block separately, you can even see the immediate effect on the block bar above.

Immediate overall changes in just 1 click

Go Pro!

If it’s not the first time you are building a website or if you may know some HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT Simbla is the place for you, you can basically control all aspects of your site in Simbla’s Pro mode, you can add code with the CSS and JAVASCRIPT editors, drop down a HTML element and add your code, use dividers and customize all parts of your site. Once you switch to pro mode you will be able to use some cool features with more freedom, the same features are built in to the readymade blocks and templates but here you can control how they behave and place them where you want to.

One of the coolest feature we found in pro mode is the video background feature, Simbla have added a huge video stock were all you need to do is choose a video or upload it yourself from your device or from the web and it plays in the background of the block , after the video is set in place you can even easily add elements on top of the it like text,images,etc.

The video library


Trust us, it plays


Final conclusion

It seems like Simbla are not just raising the bar, they are setting new standards for other website builders, the new concept is outstanding, the design is clean and the tools work great. It seems that Simbla have put themselves in the top league here, Simbla are presenting themselves as an easy website builder, and it looks like they are exactly that.

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