SOFA – Statistics, Analysis & Reporting For Any Data

SOFA is an open source statistics, analysis, & reporting application that can collect data from a selected source.

It doesn't force you to work with an offline data and can connect to various live databases including:

  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access

by just mentioning your login details. After that, you can customize the reports to be generated by selecting any columns from the tables and by applying filters.

SOFA Statistics

Optionally, it is possible to import data from Excel spreadsheets, ODS spreadsheets, CSV files and Google Docs spreadsheets.

SOFA creates beautiful and interactive HTML outputs (powered with JavaScript). Also, it has tabular outputs that can be directly opened in MS Excel or pasted into OpenOffice Calc.

If small things change in your dataset, you don't need to re-import data but they can be edited manually.

There are many ready-to-use reports like row and column percentages, mean, median, standard deviation, min – max and more.