Standalone Content Slider For Mobile – Swipe JS

Swipe JS is a lightweight (3.7kb minified) mobile slider with 1:1 touch movement (sliding content based on exact touch position).

It can display any HTML content and offers a native-like experience with features like:

  • resistant bounds (increased resistance to slide when there are no items to display next or before)
  • smart resizing on rotation as the slider resets to make sure the sliding elements are sized right
  • the size of each slide is set with the width of the container which is useful for passing different widths on responsive designs
  • detecting if you’re trying to scroll down the page or slide the content left to right

Swipe JS

Swipe is a standalone slider which doesn't rely on any JavaScript library and has few configuration options like:

  • the slide to be displayed on initial load
  • speed of transitions
  • auto slideshow to be on/off
  • and callback fired after successfully displaying a slide

Also, it has API methods for custom interactions including the display of prev-next items and getting the current position.