Tag: Adobe AIR

Juicebox Lite – Free HTML5 Image Gallery (With A Desktop Builder)

Image galleries are part of almost any website around whether it is about displaying the portfolio, products or personal albums,we simply use them a lot. Juicebox Lite is a free-to-use (branded) and HTML5-powered image gallery for creating good-looking galleries very easily. Galleries build with it works everywhere; ...


Crunch: A Simple-Yet-Beautiful LESS Editor & Compiler

If you already use it, then you know that LESS is a "time and byte-saver" when creating + serving stylesheets (if not, you should definitely check it). You either use the .less files directly (via less.js or on the server with Node.js) or compile them into CSS from command-line and use only the CSS. ...


Preview Websites In Multiple Mobile Devices With Mobilizer

When creating websites, previewing them in different browsers to ensure that they are rendered correctly is a painful process. The same goes for the mobile websites. Many different browsers, models and sizes. Mobilizer, a free Adobe AIR application, displays previews of any given URL or local files (HTML, image or ...


Open Source Website Analytics: Piwik (And Tools To Empower It)

Piwik is an open source website analytics application which provides detailed statistics about visitors, keywords, pages & more in real-time. It can be installed on an any PHP-MySQL compatible webserver & the rest works similar to Google Analytics; inserting the tracking codes into the websites we want to ...


27 Adobe AIR Applications – Handy For Web Designers

Every designer & developer loves handy tools that simplify frequent tasks. And, even if you've a complicated software that does the same thing, usually it is much more effective to run a tiny, fast-loading application that does the job. This is a list of 27 functional Adobe AIR applications that can help a ...