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With the interfaces of Android, Windows 8, iOS7 and lots of popular websites (like the many services of Google and Microsoft), flat design is everywhere.

The simplicity it consists of matches very well with the content-focused web of today and many websites are launching their new versions in parallel to this trend.

Icons are a big part of flat design and here is a massive collection of free flat icons to use in your next projects.

Batch (PSD, SVG, PNG, Font)

Batch - Flat Icons

There are 300 icons in Batch and it uses PSD shape layers so they are scalable. Web font option is also great for combining the use with fonts and images.

Flatilicious (PSD)

Flatilicious - Flat Icon Set

The set is well-layered and includes 48 items.
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  • When discussing about a design with a customer or within the design/development team, everyone has their own approach to ease the process.

    Megan Erin Miller, an experience designer, mentions that she uses a printable kit called Tactile Design Kit.

    This kit consists of multiple items like worksheets for navigation, wireframing, site descriptors and more.

    Tactile Design Kit

    They can either be consumed one-time or laminated for multi-use and all of them are available in multiple formats (PDF, AI, EPS).

    She mentions that, for her experience, the kit simplifies the design conversations by limiting the scope and helping deciding faster (which sounds very reasonable).

    If you want to give them a try, they are totally free to download and use.

    Smashing Magazine has released a lovely freebie today that is normally hard to find on the web.

    It is called 200 Foodie Pack which is a set of free food icons.

    The set has 200 items from fruits to drinks or restaurant/kitchen equipment.

    It is available in .PNG (32*32px, 64*64px + 128*128px), .AI and .EPS.

    Free Food Icons

    Metrize is a slick set of 300+ vector icons that have a Metro UI-like style.

    The set comes in multiple vector formats (PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF) and as a web font.

    All major items required for web apps are included in the set (like arrows, actions, social networks, etc.).

    And, it can be used freely in both personal + commercial projects (no attribution required).

    Metrize Icons

    Christmas, so do the new year, is around the corner and snow, santa, christmas tree, ornaments are probably the most requested design elements.

    They will be needed in brochures, newsletters or to provide a tiny “new year make-up” to websites.

    As expected, WRD has dug the Christmas and new year vectors for you so that you don’t need to. Here they are with the vector formats provided:

    Christmas Icons (EPS)

    Christmas Icons

    Black And White Christmas Icons (AI, EPS)

    Black And White Christmas Icons
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    Free vector world maps are must-haves of every designer’s toolkit as there will be times when they are needed.

    I had published Free Vector World Maps Collection years ago. Needed a map again, there were some new maps in my bookmarks and made a complete search on them to release an up-to-date collection.

    You can now find all the quality and free vector world maps, usually in .EPS ad .AI formats, in this post (also added few high-resolution JPEG ones). Make sure you bookmark it as I’m pretty sure you’ll need them one day.

    Accurate Vector World Map (AI, EPS, CDR)

    Accurate Vector World Map

    Info: This map also has a black and white, plain (no-countries) version.

    Well-Layered World Map (SVG, EPS)

    SVG and EPS World Map
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    Smashing Magazine has released a very handy freebie for designers/developers that are working on mobile project.

    It is a set of UX sketching and wireframing templates which consists of 2 parts:


    Mobile Sketch And Wireframe Sheets

    This is a pack of 28 printable sketching and wireframing papers (in PDF) for the most popular mobile platforms.

    There are various combinations in the set like actual size, 10 devices fit to a page, and landscape layout.

    Also, an Illustrator file which displays the mobile devices is provided.


    These are papers for easily analyzing the optimal tap areas without playing with a real mobile device.

    It has 9 PDF files that come in different sizes.

    IconShock, the well-known icon design company, is sharing a very nice set of free user icons.

    The set includes 100 items in different combinations, single users (male/female) and groups of users with different designs.

    Free User Icons

    They are offered in multiple versions: iPhone, Android, Windows and colored. And, the items are packed in PNG + PSD files.

    Also, a vector version (.AI) is included for maximum customization.

    And, if you are in search for for more freebies, check this site for free vector.

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  • Design elements related to weather are frequently used in any type of design and here is a nice icon set to visualize the weather conditions.

    Climacons is a set of 75 free pictographs that has items to reflect almost any type of weather.

    They are available bıth in .PSD + .AI in single layered files and free for personal and + commercial projects.


    Jigsoar Icons is a set of 60 very good looking, smooth icons that are released for free.

    The download package includes transparent .PNG items in four sizes (16px, 24px, 48px, and 64px) with light and dark versions of each icon.

    There is also the Adobe Illustrator vector file (.AI) for customizing them however you wish.

    Icons are flat, have a mobile-like style and includes widely used ones like edit, delete, e-mail, basket and more.

    Jigsoar Icons

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