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wTag is a shoutbox script (mini chat) written in PHP which uses Ajax to refresh the chat.

It uses MySQL to store the data, has a CSS-based smiley dropdown which can be enabled/disabled and a bad words & spam filter.

PHP Shoutbox Script

Other features of this PHP shoutbox script are:

  • Replace URLs catched in a message with clickable links.
  • UTF-8 encoding for multilingual support.
  • Compliance with XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS.
  • Custom designs: it's easy to change the chatbox look by editing the CSS files.
  • A form validation and warnings display system.

ClockingIT is an open source task – time tracking & project management application (normall a free hosted app. & source code is available) built with Ruby on Rails.

With a slick Ajaxed interface and providing information in every step of creating projects or tasks, ClockingIT is a very user-friendly application.

Ruby on Rails Time And Task Management

It is a complete solution for managing projects within a team as it offers nice tools like an integrated wiki, forum & a Facebook-like chat within team members.

Features of this free Ruby on Rails application:

  • no restrictions or limits
  • time tracking & reports
  • milestones & due dates
  • tagging & search
  • timeline & activity log
  • notifications, rss & iCal
  • integrated wiki, forum & chat
  • multilanguage

This is another coda slider built with jQuery (check YCodaSlider 2.0 – wrd post). As the use of them are becoming common, it is better we have different choices.

To run this coda slider, along with jQuery you need the following plugins:

jQuery Coda Slider

Some features of this coda slider:

  1. Degrades perfectly without JavaScript enabled
  2. Hitting the page with a specific hash (i.e. page.html#preview) shows the right tab, and highlights the right navigation
  3. Any link on the page that refers back to a panel should trigger the effect and highlight the right navigation – this should happen without any extra work.

Besides the codes, you can find how this coda slider is built in detail.

Google tries to make the use JavaScript frameworks easier and faster with the Ajax Libraries API.

Main idea is hosting the JavaScript framework files on Google servers, serving them faster by Google’s fast & distributed servers, gzipping them when needed and most importantly, preventing several downloads of the same libraries by caching.

Currently supported frameworks are:

The caching mechanism may work great in the future if many websites use the Ajax Libraries API. This way if a user browsing your website, let’s say, if browsed another website using the API with jQuery, that user would have already downloaded the jQuery file and won’t need to download again on your website.

Using it is so simple. To use Prototype for example:

  • Standard inserting:

<script src=""> </script>

  • Using Google Ajax API:

<script src=""> </script> <script> google.load("prototype", "1"); </script>

The official announcement can be found here.

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  • AtMail Open Source is an open source webmail client written in PHP.

    This lightweight Ajaxed webmail client has a simple to use interface and can be used with existing IMAP mailservers.

    Free Webmail Client

    Features of this free webmail client:

    • Lightweight Ajax Webmail Interface
    • Video Mail
    • PHP source code
    • IMAP support
    • Live Spell Check
    • Address Book