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Touchy Boilerplate is a starting kit for creating mobile web apps that covers most of the tricky parts of the development process.

It includes an HTML template with all the mobile-related meta tags, various browsing scenarios like animated navigation, fixed header + scrollable content and deep linking support.

Also, there are Geolocation functions and various other UI elements provided.

The boilerplate uses jQuery or Zepto.js and has 2 other optional helpers: Touchy JS and Touchy PHP which handles most of the exciting stuff mentioned above.

Touchy Boilerplate

Mobiscroll is a "wheel scroller user control" optimized for touchscreens to easily enter date and/or time which comes as a jQuery plugin.

It is highly customizable where values can be anything (including images) and can even be used as an alternative to the default select control (dropdown list).

The plugin's look can be changed easily with theming support and has ready-to-use good-looking skins (default, Android, Sense UI and iOS).

And, it integrates well with other JS frameworks including jQuery Mobile.

Mobiscroll jQuery Plugin

mAdserve is an open source and PHP-MySQL-powered ad server application for managing + tracking mobile ads easily.

It helps controlling directly-sold, cross-promotional and ad-network ads (many of the networks are supported by default) from a single interface.

There is no need to deal with SDKs of each ad network and, if you are selling the ads directly, it automates the process by enabling the customers to sign-up and purchase ads themselves (with PayPal or credit cards).

mAdserve - Mobile Ad Server

mAdserve supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 apps + mobile websites and campaigns can be targeted by device besides country/city, handset capabilities and schedule.

It includes open source and lightweight advertising SDKs for the devices mentioned and code snippets for mobile websites.

And, ads/campaigns can be tracked with live reports and a reporting API that helps gathering this data.

Joshfire is an open source framework for developing web applications that can work in multiple devices.

It only uses HTML5 + JavaScript and web apps can be built to be compatible with browsers, desktops, smart phones, smartTVs and connected objects.

The content, design and data is separated for a flexible development process and the framework makes use of many popular resources like MediaElement.js or Zepto.js.

Joshfire Framework

Currently, supported devices are desktop browsers, iOS, Android, GoogleTV, SamsungTV and there is an adapter for Node.js as well.

Applications can be controlled with keyboard, mouse, touch, tv-remote and more depending on the capabilities of the device.

The library is improved continuously, documented in detail and comes with various examples.

PhotoSwipe is a free and full-featured image gallery for mobile and touch devices.

It is built with HTML, CSS + JavaScript and doesn't depend on any frameworks.

The interface is native-like and offers a similar experience with the ability of swiping items and support for orientation (also, resizes images automatically).


A "start" button can display the images as a slideshow and there are many options for customizing the gallery like the speed of fadeIn-fadeOut effects, enabling zoom, method of image scaling and much more.

PhotoSwipe works in iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry + desktop browsers and there is an optional jQuery implementation for the users of this framework.

For anyone developing Android applications and/or creating an Android-related website, using the official icons for the platform would be a time-saver.

The Android SDK includes the complete set of icons, however, they are in .PNG format and hard to resize or customize.

Olof Brickarp, who is a UI/graphics designer, has converted most of the whole official icons into vector formats which are now available in .AI, .EPS and .SVG.

Vector Android Icons

Co┼čkun Deniz, a web and interface designer, is sharing a free set of 41 Android Icons.

The set is in the format of Photoshop custom shapes (.csh) so it can be resized perfectly.

Icons include most of the popular items and they are completely free to use.

Android Icons Photoshop Shapes

Wink Toolkit is a JavaScript framework for creating mobile web applications with less-hassle.

It comes in multiple parts where the "core" (which includes HTTP requests utilities, event management system or DOM extensions) is a must to use and every other feature is optional.

Such a structure helps keeping the filesize minimum which is pretty important when it is mobile.

Wink Toolkit

The UI widgets of the framework is very rich and consists of 3D wall, accordion, sliding panels, flip page, coverflow, progress bar and much more.

There are also libraries for a slick user experience with drag 'n' drop, gesture recognizer or browser history.

Wink Toolkit is a project of Dojo Foundation and also expected to be a part of the Dojo Mobile.

We all experience that typing in smartphones is not fun. It requires a serious effort (specially for touch screens).

However, it can be fun (or handy) to write code with them when we don't have the alternative (in a bus, metro station, etc.) as inspiration can come anytime.


Touchqode is an application for smartphones (currently Android-only, iOS to be launched) which enables you to view, edit and fix your source code anywhere.

It has the most extensive support for Java and also supports C++, C#, Python, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript and simple XML.

Would you use Touchqode or any other IDE for mobile?

DHTMLX Touch is a JavaScript library which heavily makes use of HTML5, for building mobile web applications.

It’s not just a set of UI widgets, but a complete framework that allows you to create cross-platform web applications for mobile and touch-screen devices.

The framework is compatible with multiple devices and applications built with it will work smoothly on iPad, iPhone and Android.


The library is free to be used in GPL-licensed applications and currently in "alpha" stage but updated/improved regularly.

There is also a visual-designer for the library for building web applications with drag'n drops.

Uptime Robot