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Jo is an open source mobile application framework that is based on HTML5 .

It enables you to create for multiple platforms like webOS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Safari, Chrome and Dashboard Widgets.

Jo JavaScript Mobile Framework

The framework is small in size, ~8kb, without any dependencies and compatible with many other JS frameworks.

Jo is also compatible with PhoneGap and makes possible to create native apps besides web apps.

It is very well-documented and has sample codes on every level.

Unify is a software, powered by Deutsche Telekom, which provides a common API developing cross-platform applications that will look and feel like native ones.

It makes use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other resources like qooxdoo, PhoneGap, Adobe AIR and Sass.


The code can be re-used between platforms and supported ones are iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows and Mac OS.

Unify also eliminates the traditional limitations of the web browser and can detect the current geo location, access the file system, etc.

Sencha (previously known as Ext JS) has released Sencha Touch, an HTML5 Mobile App. Framework, which allows you to develop web applications that look and feel native on Apple iOS and Google Android touchscreen devices.

It makes use of HTML5 for delivering audio/video or localStorage and CSS3 for maximum styling like rounded corners, background gradients, and shadows.

Sencha Touch

The code created is resolution independent. It uses a method which allows developers to change the overall scale of their interfaces on the fly with no pixellation.

Sencha Touch has a powerful animation system that makes flexible animations between screens and views possible.

Slide, pop, and fade animations are included with the library, each with a robust set of options to change attributes like direction and masking style.

And, as they are created with CSS, building custom animations is a joy.

Also, it includes a set of common icons for using them in toolbars and tab bars.

Rhodes is an open source framework for building native applications for all major smartphone operating systems: iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android using Ruby as the development language.

It has access to native device capabilities such as GPS geolocation, PIM contact reading/writing and camera image capture.

Rhodes Smartphone Development Framework

Development process can be called as "easier" with Rhodes as most of your UI customization can be done in HTML templates.

There are integrated styling libraries for matching the look and feel of native applications (ex: for iPhone, it is based on iUI and jQTouch can be used as well).

MoSync is an open source SDK, with many tightly integrated components, for creating cross-platform mobile applications.

It includes compilers, runtimes, libraries, a device profile database, an emulator and more.

The kit is has an Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ application development and comes with a detailed documentation.


Some of the built-in libraries are: graphics, audio, multimedia and TCP/HTTP/Bluetooth/SMS which enables you to interact with almost every features of mobile platforms including:

  • Android Cupcake 1.5
  • Java ME MIDP 2 (J2ME)
  • Moblin 2.x
  • Pocket PC 2003
  • Smartphone 2003
  • Symbian S60 2nd, 3rd, and 5th ed
  • Windows Mobile 5.0-6.5

and others like iPhone, Blackberry, MeeGo are to be included.

To sum up, the kit is great for anyone who wants to develop for multiple mobile platforms with the same tools and logic.

Detect Mobile Browser is an open source project for easily understanding whether a visitor of a website is using a mobile browser or not.

It provides codes in several scripting languages (PHP,Rails, ASP, JSP, Coldfusion, .htaccess & JavaScript) that can detect the browser.

Detect Mobile Browser

The website also has a simple forwarding function which you can create a link like:|

and the user will be redirected to "" or "" depending on the browser type used.

Pavel Macek, a talented graphic designer, is sharing a free Android GUI PSD file for creating mock-ups easier.

It is based on the Android 1.5 & consists of a phone illustration, basic elements & screens.

Android GUI PSD

The complete set has an one file preview for seeing what you'll get before downloading.

P.S. Android presents a detailed information about Android GUI design guidelines that can be very helpful while creating applications for the platform.

Android Icons is a set of 30 free vector icons that are originally developed to be used for Android applications but all are also great for websites.

They come in transparent PNG + EPS formats and can be freely used in personal/commercial projects.

Android Icons

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  • is a website providing a function & information on how to detect mobile browsers.

    It can detect:

    • iPhone
    • Opera Mini
    • Android
    • Blackberry

    Detect Mobile Browsers

    It has an online function generator that guides you to create a personalized function according to "how you want to treat every browser".

    P.S. The code is free to be used on non-profit websites.

    Uptime Robot