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The default “directory listing” web pages that Apache serve, although making the job, are not so stylish.

Apaxy is a customizable theme for improving these pages with the help of mod_autoindex Apache module and some CSS.

It offers a clean interface with icons for each mime type and makes further improvements possible.


AMPPS is a software for quickly installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python and creating a web server environment.

What differentiates it from other similar solutions is the built-in Softaculous package which makes 1 click installations of popular web apps possible.


There is a huge list of installable apps (250+) including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, phpBB and much more.

Using the AMPPS panel, the server resources can be configured and all the installations can be managed.

It has versions for Windows + Mac OS X and also installs phpMyAdmin + SQLite manager for controlling databases.

Although listing the contents of a directory is not a good practice for most of the websites (considering the complete structure and files will be available to the public eyes), it is an easy way to show and share files.

The default Apache directory listing/index page is not the most handsome one and h5ai is a template built specifically to improve these pages.


Its is built with HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery + Modernizr and can be implemented with few steps: "copy folder h5ai to the web-root directory of your server and update the .htaccess file".

There is a list of options provided inside a JavaScript file and, best of all, the output can be presented in multiple languages with the strings being defined inside that JS file.

Google is so decisive on making the web faster with the tools and resources it creates. Also remember that they had announced "speed being a factor in Google's search rankings".

Google is now sharing an open source Apache module named mod_pagespeed that automatically optimizes web pages.


It works with Apache 2.2 and includes several filters that optimize JavaScript, HTML, CSS stylesheets, JPEG and PNG images.

For the other members of the Page Speed family like the Page Speed extension, check this.

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  • CRE Loaded PCI CE is an open source e-commerce software which is the lighter, but still strong, version of a paid solution.

    It is designed to run on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server and offers lots of features which you can add more as it comes with the source.

    Cre Loaded E-Commerce

    The application has an unlimited category system, comes with several shipping provider (free shipping logic is integrated) & payment modules.

    It is possible to define "special products" on the main page & per category. Products can be sorted by price, manufacturer, etc.

    Some features of CRE Loaded PCI CE:

    • article manager
    • faq manager
    • banner manager
    • multilanguage support
    • wishlists
    • ability to checkout without registration
    • cross-selling
    • & more

    It also has a strong admin interface where the store can be managed easily (by multiple admins when needed with the access-level based user system).

    A very significant feature of the product is the importance it gives to the security. CRE Loaded PCI CE is compliant with all PCI data security standards (& has a "order fraud screen" in the backend).

    Xuheki is an open source IMAP client with an Ajaxed interface.

    It looks-feels like a desktop application & supports multiple IMAP servers/identities.

    Free IMAP Client

    It uses the Net::IMAP::Client Perl module as the IMAP engine & built with DynarchLIB Ajax Toolkit.

    Some features of Xuheki:

    • Supports multiple folders with drag’n drop
    • It can stay connected to an IMAP server
    • Interface allows you to do multiple things once
    • Multiple user support
    • Contact list & more..

    It requires Perl & MySQL 5 to run.

    Server2Go is a portable web server environment built to be used in CD-ROMS, memory sticks & similar portable media.

    It has almost everything you need to run a web application:

    • Apache 1.3.x, 2.0.x and 2.2.x
    • PHP 5.2.x with a lot of extensions. Downgrade packages to 4.4.x and 5.0.x available)
    • MySQL 5 support
    • Perl 5.8 with many CPAN modules integrated

    CD-ROM Web Server

    Server2Go auto-configures all the settings that may vary in every environment like ports & proxy settings.

    It starts the server environment at the background when the CD-ROM is run & closes it automatically when the browser is closed.

    askApache is presenting the most popular .htaccess examples that every developer may need.


    These .htaccess examples are very well categorized and includes:

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  • With over 70% of all attacks now carried out over the web application level.

    Web application firewalls are used to create an external security layer to improve security, detection, and prevention of attacks before they hit web applications.

    Web Application Firewall

    Web servers are well-equipped to log traffic for marketing analyses, but they are not good when it comes to logging of traffic to web applications.

    ModSecurity is a web application firewall for Apache which makes full HTTP transaction logging possible, allowing complete requests and responses to be logged.

    This web application firewall has an easy to use rule engine which creates the core of the system.

    ModSecurity can monitor the HTTP traffic in real time, has other features like parallel text matching, Geo IP resolution, credit card number detection, support for content injection, automated rule updates, scripting & more.

    Mindquarry is a brilliant open source application to organize teams in means of documents, ideas and tasks. Shortly, their collaboration.

    This team collaboration application can be reached both from the browsers and from a desktop application.

    Document Management

    The strongest part of the application is document management.  It uses Subversion for document versioning and backup, supports file syncronization, collaborative editing and has notification system for the updates made within the documents.

    Document Management


    You can create wikis, assigns them to teams or tasks to manage the ideas and information. Updates made to the wiki content can be viewed within the activity timeline, pdf output can be generated and more.


    Team Management

    Teams are holding the user groups together. They can be assigned to tasks, have their own wikis and permission groups on documents, tasks..

    Team Management

    Task Management

    Mindquarry has a handy task management module where tasks can be created, assigned to users, priority levels and their status can be set.

    Task Management

    To mention, this is not a project management module and does not have milestones, resources, costs or chart features. It simply allows users to assign and control tasks (for a chance to win a great project management software license check the OneProject Project 8 giveaway).


    If you are working in teams, need to share and work on documents together I believe Mindquarry can be a perfect fit as you will be able to:

    • Work on the same docs, have them versionned and backed up.
    • Create your own information or idea libraries with the wiki feature.
    • Assign tasks to each other.

    Application requires Apache, Java and Subversion to be installed. Desktop application has Windows, Mac and Linux versions which makes everything much better.

    Tip: Mindquarry has a XAMPP download in the downloads section that automatically installs Apache, Subversion and Perl to prepare the application environment.

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