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Beautiful, Open Source & Real-Time Chat App With ASP.NET – JabbR

10° Beautiful, Open Source & Real-Time Chat App With ASP.NET – JabbR

It is kinda easy to find high-quality open source web apps in PHP or JavaScript. But that's a little harder for ASP.NET. JabbR is one of those treasures, it is an open source ASP.NET app for real-time chats. The app uses SignalR library for the communication and allows users to register/sign-in with their ...


JavaScript-Powered File Uploader: Fine Uploader

Everyone has a method for handling forms but it usually gets complicated when there are file uploads in that form. Fine Uploader is a plug 'n' play script that ease file uploads and improve usability with the Ajaxed interface. The script was known as valums-file-uploader (was featured at WRD) and ...


Open Source ASP.NET Shopping Cart: AspxCommerce

AspxCommerce is an open e-commerce system that is built with ASP.NET and uses MSSQL for storing the data. The application is built on top of SageFrame (the open source CMS) and comes with a single-click installation. It has an easy-to-use admin panel for creating and managing categories, products, users, orders and ...


Extensible & Open Source ASP.NET CMS: SageFrame

If you are an ASP.NET developer, you already know that there are not too many choices when it comes to finding an open source CMS application. SageFrame is a good alternative for any looking for such a solution. It is a feature-rich and open source content management system, built with ASP.NET, to create websites ...


Slick Ajaxed Datagrids With jQuery – jTable

jTable is a jQuery plugin for creating Ajaxed and feature-rich CRUD interfaces with little effort. The plugin generates all the HTML required and uses jQuery UI for "add new/edit record" dialogs. Records can be browsed with Ajaxed pagination and they can be sorted (server-side) as well. jTable can be ...


Juice UI – ASP.NET Controls For All Of The jQuery UI Widgets

ASP.NET developers were already able to use jQuery UI in their projects but it gets much simple with Juice UI. Juice UI is a set of ASP.NET controls and extenders for the whole widgets of jQuery UI. It is integrated into projects pretty easily; by downloading the NuGet Package and installing it with Visual Studio. ...


Detect Mobile Devices Easily With MobileESP

MobileESP is an open source project for easily detecting users browsing the web pages with a mobile browser. It has server-side versions for PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby and a client-side JavaScript version with light features. There are methods provided for detecting a specific device (iPhone, Android, WebOS, etc.) or ...