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Buffer is one of the most popular apps for managing multiple social media profiles, scheduling posts and more.

Circular is an open source alternative for Buffer that is built as a Backbone.js app with a REST API written in PHP that stores data in MongoDB.


It only works with Twitter where you can add a list of tweets and they will be sent on the date-time defined.

Multiple accounts are supported and a bookmarklet helps using it easier.

P.S. The app can also be used and tried with the hosted version.

When launching a new web project, having a “coming soon” page that collects e-mails of users to notify them about the launch is pretty common.

The same also goes for some other landing pages that ask users to fill a form to move forward.

Desant - Landing Page App

Desant is an open source, single page web application (in Backbone.js managed by Sinatra backend) for handling such cases with ease.

Any page built with it can easily collect user information via forms, it keeps track of the referring URLs and the locations of visitors (by country).

It uses MySQL for storing data and can be installed manually or quickly with Vagrant.

Junior is a HTML5 front-end framework for creating mobile apps that look and behave like native.

It uses CSS3 transitions for a slick performance, supports swipable carousels and includes various UI components (from Ratchet).

Junior Front-End Framework

The framework uses Zepto (which is nice for jQuery fans as it has a jQuery-like syntax) and has integration with backbone.js views + routers.

 Junior is pretty easy to use and has the documents + examples to get you started

For anyone willing to share tweets when they are not online, various web services exist to accomplish this task (I had also built an open source app: Scheduled Tweets -not updated anymore-).

Tampon is a free and open source alternative (that is inspired from Buffer) that schedules tweets.

It is a Backbone.js application that uses MongoDB for storing the data and has a PHP-based REST API.


The application allows creating a schedule with multiple entries and auto-sends your tweets at those periods.

Tweets entered can be re-ordered with drag 'n' drops or, optionally tweeted instantly.

Considering it is open sourced, Tampon can also be a good starting point for creating a feature-rich, customized version.