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Creating A Page Peel Effect With jQuery & CSS

Page Peel effects can be very useful as they create new areas -which are mostly used for banners- on websites. In general, they are created with the help of Flash but Soh Tanaka is featuring a a very nice tutorial on creating a page peel effect with jQuery & CSS. The logic of the effect is simple & smart. ...


BannerSnack Premium Plus Licenses Giveaway – The Winners

Last week, a post at WebResourcesDepot had announced the giveaway of 3 BannerSnack Premium Plus Licenses / 1 Year ($149 value/license). Winners are selected & information can be found at the bottom of the post. To remind: BannerSnack is an online banner creator application that enables anyone to create quality ...


Google Trends For Websites And Ad Planner

Google Trends for Websites is a web-based service where you can compare the visitor statistics of websites. The data displayed is daily unique visitors (after logging in, you can see the numbers that graphs represent) and currently, up to 5 websites can be compared. Google Ad Planner provides you information about ...


Would You Like To Advertise At WebResourcesDepot?

WebResourcesDepot, with an increasing number of visitors & subscribers everyday, has several advertising spots to feature your brand. Advertising spots include banners & feed text advertising options with 4 different banner sizes: 468x60 220x100 100x100 32x32 Here are the statistics ...


Pagepeel Type Banner Application: Pageear

Pagepeel, or the "magic corner" type banners were invented by Visualsteel. They create a new banner area for websites without effecting the current banner areas and easy to implement. On the other hand, pagepeel banners have a relatively high "click per view ratio". Including Pageear to ...