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Free Vector Social Media Icon Set (50 Icons)

IconDock, an icon design company, is sharing a set of 50 vector social media icons. The set comes in EPS, PNG & GIF formats with 16px & 32px sizes (they can be resized to any custom size using the vector format). Besides the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, the set also includes ...


15 Must-Have Bookmarklets For Web Designers And Developers

Bookmarklets are a great way of saving time when used regularly. With just a click, they can provide so much information / help. Here is a list of 15 very handy web designer / developer bookmarklets which includes: learning the colors used inserting a ruler on a webpage reloading CSS without ...


Social Bookmarking Icons Collection

Attractive social bookmarking icons are a factor in website visitors clicking on them and help everyone to share, bookmark & promote your content. WebResourcesDepot have collected these beautiful social bookmarking icon sets:  http://www.snap2objects.com/2007/11/06/free-vector-social-bookmark-icons/ ...


Ajax Based Social Bookmark Widget: mooSocialize

mooSocialize is an ajax based social bookmark widget which helps submitting content to the social bookmark websites easily. Once clicked, a window with the social bookmark website logos appears. Clicking the desired social bookmarking website does not redirect you to another website, a hovered window like Lightbox ...