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When you think of winter-time, several recurring images pop into memory, including snow, a Christmas tree, presents, Santa Clause, and fireworks.

If your job entails working with images (as a designer, blogger, advertiser, etc), this is a rare opportunity to increase traffic to your website and attract new clients.

Any of the following 10 stock image agencies are ready to welcome you in this season.

YAY Images

YAY Images

YAY is labeled “Spotify for images”, and for a good reason. Let’s say you search for ‘winter’- based items, plain and simple. Not only does the database offer over 150.000 results in this case, but it’s never been more convenient to look for similar images to the ones that you love the most. Besides, 50% of the first month’s worth is now discounted for all three subscription plans with code “XMAS_GIFT”.

Speaking of subscriptions, YAY’s major plans are Print, Digital, and Streaming. In any instance, users benefit from an in-browser filter and editor for the images they acquire, as well as a limitless number of downloads per month.

On top of everything, the images intended for use on the web are hosted for free, so that the user doesn’t necessarily have to download and then upload everything on their blog/website. As you can see, the perks of buying images from YAY are plenty.

Digital and Streaming hold great promise because they have so much to offer in exchange for a very small price. In other words, for a monthly $49.90, subscribers to a Digital plan can take any number of images as large as 3 megapixels, to use in apps, PowerPoints and e-books.

Alternatively, Streaming delivers 700 pixels wide/high meant to be used on web pages, only for $9.90-a-month.



Mostphotos is really special, particularly around the holidays.

You see, right now it would be perfect to use images that hit as close to the target as possible, and Mostphotos has a predilection of publishing authentic and local images after they’ve been submitted by contributors who are either professional photographers, or practice photography as a hobby – and happened to have a strike of genius in an inspiring setting. In this respect, anything goes as long as it is valuable.

Make haste and take advantage of the discounts instated for “Mini 10” and “Mini 20” subscriptions: 10% off for signing 6 months, or 15% for enlisting a whole year right from the beginning.

At present, 5 and a half million stock files are at your service, not to mention that 10.000 new ones are usually included on a daily basis.

So, if you go ahead and start up a search with the keyword “winter” for instance, then 100.000 photos and vectors will greet you on the results page.

See anything you like? If you want to make sure, feel free to zoom in down to the last pixel, and check the quality before you finally buy.

Last but not least, Mostphotos lets your co-workers reap benefits, too: once you create an account, your colleagues get to set up theirs for free.



You’re going to love what Stocksy has to offer. Stocksy United is a co-operated agency, ran entirely by its photographers, and this can make quite a difference when you’re looking for top-grade images to use during the holidays.

For starters, only the best submissions are published, and everything is individually assessed according to aesthetic criteria.

Since the selection team handpicks fresh stock images, you no longer have to sort the good from the irrelevant (like you used to do with other agencies).

Stocksy is special and they know it: as far as microstock agencies go, you rarely get to meet such impressive, 100% exclusive content.

Don’t take my word for it: just check the “Holidays” and “Celebrate” categories, and you’ll get my meaning. Loads of gorgeous seasonal images are waiting to be bought, at a price starting with $10 for individual royalty-free licenses.

Check out Stocksy and you will feel like you somehow landed on the online portfolio of a professional photographer.

However, if you look at the prices, you’ll know for sure that you’ve encountered a cost-effective source of unbelievably beautiful holiday images.



Depositphotos found its way in my top ten for several good reasons.

First of all, it has 19 million superb stock files to browse through, and secondly, its users are gifted every week with one free item from the Vectors Collection.

However, it is the third reason that carries the most weight: Discount Lightboxes. Depositphotos instated a permanent practice that offers 20% discount to season-specific photos and vectors; at present, no less than 925 such images are placed in the Christmas Lightbox.
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Christmas, so do the new year, is around the corner and snow, santa, christmas tree, ornaments are probably the most requested design elements.

They will be needed in brochures, newsletters or to provide a tiny “new year make-up” to websites.

As expected, WRD has dug the Christmas and new year vectors for you so that you don’t need to. Here they are with the vector formats provided:

Christmas Icons (EPS)

Christmas Icons

Black And White Christmas Icons (AI, EPS)

Black And White Christmas Icons
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Beautiful Christmas & New Year icons for your websites, applications.

Christmas Icons
– Package includes PNG, GIF, ICO, and EPS format.

Christmas Icons
– Package includes EPS format.

Christmas Icons
– Package includes BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO format.
– 8bit and 32bit colours.
– Sizes ranging from 16×16 pixels all the way to a huge 256×256 pixels.

Christmas Icons
The “Christmas Social Bookmark Icons”, a collection of 17 freeware icons in iPhone-like style, includes icons for Blinklist, BlogMarks, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Feeds, Flickr, Furl, Magnolia, Mister-Wong, Netvibes, Newsvine, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Ta-Da List, Technorati and You Tube.
– Sizes ranging from 512X512 to 16X16
– Package includes ICO format.