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Usually in web apps, when we want to collect color values from users, color pickers help a lot. And, there are various high-quality color pickers out there.

colorjoe is a new one which differentiates itself by being completely scaleable which is great for responsive layouts.

colorjoe - JavaScript color picker

It doesn't use any images, can be customized with CSS and works with all major formats (RGB, HSL, HSV or CMYK).

The color picker is standalone and has 2 callbacks: change (which is triggered continuously to detect value changes) and done (which is fired when a color is selected).

Designers, who wonder the RGB of any color that is around their mouse can get the results instantly.

Small utility named Pixie, runs on your system tray, you can call it with a click and it will show you HEX, RGB, CMYK & HSV values of any pixel you’re pointing.

Color Picker RGB HEX CMYK

Many designers take a screen capture, run their favorite image editing software like Photoshop, Fireworks and paste the capture to the image editing software to get the image color values. With Pixie, no need for these steps.

An extra feature of Pixie is, it shows the x y position of the mouse pointer.