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Web designers/developers who write client-side code with a language that needs to be compiled, usually lose some time going back and forth with their editors and the compiling interface (usually command line).

If you don’t already have a setup for auto-compiling, Koala might be what you need.

It is a desktop application that works on Windows, Mac + Linux and can compileĀ Less, Sass, Compass + CoffeeScript.

Koala Compiler

Koala can compile the files manually or automatically once they are changed and compresses them.

Also, it is possible to set different options for each file to be compiled.

Dashing is a flexible framework, built with Ruby (Sinatra-based) and Coffeescript, for creating attractive dashboards.

The dashboard is formed of widgets which can pull data from any source. The widgets interface is powered by Gridster and they can be re-positioned with drag 'n drops.

There are sample widgets like Twitter, clock or iframe to ease getting started with it and an API exists for pushing data to the widgets if wanted.


Gauge.js is a slick script for creating animated gauges with JavaScript (Coffeescript) in HTML5 canvas.

The script is standalone (jQuery is supported but not required) and doesn't use any images or CSS.


It has 2 built-in interfaces (both looks very nice) and responds very well to value changes by animating the gauge.

There are options to set the animation speed, default/min/max values, colors and more.

To sum up, Gauge.js is a very handy script to visualize regularly changing (live) data.

MiniJs is a free and open source suite of jQuery plugins that are written in CoffeeScript.

The plugins are perfect for everyday-use and include: slider, tooltip, notification, Twitter feed and counter (new ones are on the way).

They are all built with simplicity in mind and very easy-to-use with only few important parameters.

Also, for CoffeScript developers, a MiniBoilerplate is provided for developing new jQuery plugins faster.


BoxJS and BoxCSS are two different-yet-similar services built by the same developer team which offer a simplified method in compressing JavaScript and CSS files, serving the minimized versions and caching them.

They are free-to-use web apps which BoxJS requires including a lightweight JavaScript file (1.4kb) in web pages, specifying the JS files with a simple function and the service returns the minified + combined (into a single file) JavaScript file.

BoxCss - BoxJS

BoxCSS works by using the service's URL as the source of the CSS file but passing the original file's location as a querystring parameter.

Besides JavaScript and CSS, CoffeeScript and LESS is supported as well.

The drawback can be the need of relying to the CDN used by the services. In this case, you can use the service as a minifier and use the processes source file.