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Mozilla has announced a new and proof-of-concept web service, named TowTruck, for collaborating on the web so easily.

It works by simply inserting a line of JavaScript to webpages and a button to initiate the collaboration.

Once activated, a unique link is generated, it can be shared with any number of users and users visiting that link auto-join to the session.

Mozilla TowTruck

The session allows users to author, browse, chat and voice-chat on the page all together.

In real life, it can be very useful while working with teammates, discussing stuff related to a webpage with clients and more.

Although TowTruck is totally free to use, it is also open source in case you prefer to host and/or improve it.

Normally, we cannot schedule everything we’re going to do & at the end of the day we end up asking: "where did my time go?".

LogMyTask is a web-based time tracking application which is totally focused to finding that out with no extras that makes it easier to adapt & use.


It can be used by only one user or collaboratively with a group of users & even different teams.

The usage of the application is very straightforward:

  • admin user creates teams
  • invites users to the teams by simply providing their e-mails
  • users can start creating their tasks

The application works in almost real-time with very few refreshes. When a user adds/updates a task, the other users instantly see them.

With just a click, it is possible to see "what, when & how long every user worked on" in a calendar view. And, if needed, edit the past data.


The application is so easy to use (like the Twitter for time tracking) & very functional for individuals to teams who want to get the most out of their time.

LogMyTask is currently in beta status & totally free to use. After the beta, there will still be a free plan offered.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.