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Check My Colours is a free-to-use web application for analyzing the color contrasts used on a web page.

It checks the foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and lets us to know if they have enough contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits.

Check My Colours

Once a URL is submitted, it lists all the elements + their contrast levels and marks any problematic elements. Also, it allows us to play with their colors online to find the right color.

P.S. The tests ran are based on the algorithms suggested by W3C

Color Explorer is a free-to-use website which offers various tools to work with colors more efficiently.

You can upload an image to get the colors used in it automatically, browse color libraries (W3 named colors, web-safe colors, Focoltone, etc.), convert them between formats or make contrast analysis.

Color Explorer

Optionally, and for free, you can sign-up as a registered member, create color palettes and save them for future use.

And, yes, there is definitely a cool color picker (which can also offer variations).